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Max-Eyth-Straße 2
73479 Ellwangen

Telefon +49 (0)7961 9256-0
Telefax +49 (0)7961 9256-211

Head Office Ellwangen

Executive Board

Karl Lingel


Commercial administration training with Daimler-Benz in Sindelfingen. Studied business administration. 10 years commercial management with Daimler AG in Stuttgart. Followed by 10 years as managing director with a medium sized international industrial firm. Since 1999, founding shareholder and Chief Executive Officer of EurA AG. Several supervisory board seats.

Tel: +49 (0)7961 9256-210

Gabriele Seitz


Studied knowledge management in Stuttgart. Followed by information communication and marketing with the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft in Stuttgart. Then 14 years industrial experience with a medium sized family-owned company. Main areas of expertise: Asset management, investment and innovation management. Since 1999, founding shareholder and Managing Director of EurA AG.

Tel: +49 (0)7961 9256-220

Division Managers

Tobias Kübler


Director of Innovation Consulting

Studied business administration at the University of Würzburg, specialising in taxation, auditing and business information technology. He is the head of Innovation Consulting and therefore advises companies of all sizes which have a focus on the development of new products and processes.

Tel: +49 (0)7961 9256-223

Manfred Rahe, PhD

Head of Business Unit Innovation
+ Process Management

Studied physics at Leibniz University Hannover with focus on photonics. Then he obtained his PhD at the Laser Center Hannover e.V. in optical coating technologies. He started his career as head of the laser research & laser technology department at VDI Technology Center GmbH. At the Lambda Physik AG he became head of the innovation and product management department and an appointment as Chief Technology Officer. Based upon this experience, he took over the position as director of R&D at Sartorius AG. Thanks to his experiences in a series of managerial positions of innovation and process management of small and medium-sized enterprises in the entire value chain as well as in scientific institutions, Dr. Manfred Rahe gained extensive knowledge between 25 years. On that basis, he decided to bear responsibility for the business unit Innovation + Process Management at EurA AG.  

Tel: +49 (0)7961 9256-0
Mobile: +49 (0)152 55144869

Wolfgang Scherer

Dipl.-Ingenieur (FH)

Director of R&D Projects

Has 20 years of professional and management experience in international business development. Following a degree in precision engineering in Munich he worked in IT, with positions including Branch Director for Central & Eastern Europe, European Marketing Director, and most recently Managing Director of an Anglo-American company. During the course of his career Mr. Scherer has initiated a variety of strategic alliances for the marketing of technical products. He is a Cluster Manager and is a specialist technology expert for LED applications.

Tel: +49 (0)7961 9256-217

Elisabeth Schmid

Executive Officer

Director of Project Control

Trained as an industrial and office administrator. As a trained commercial administrator she held a variety of posts in accounts, purchasing and costing with a number of small and medium sized enterprises. She joined EurA as Project Manager in 2001. Appointed to Executive Officer in 2007. Her area of responsibility is R&D project control for all funding, project management and the overall management and handling of financial support funds for the companies and for internal projects.

Tel: +49 (0)7961 9256-222

Consultants & Experts

Stefan Durm

M.Sc. Betriebswirtschaft

Innovation Consulting

Studied business administration at the University of Bayreuth and the University of Strathclyde in Great Britain. His specialist fields of study were strategic management, organisation and innovation - with a particular focus on SMEs. As Project Manager he is responsible for R&D project management and innovation consulting.

Tel: +49 (0)7961 9256-229

Renate Förch, PhD


Clusters and Projects

Received her PhD in chemistry at the University of London, UK, followed by research work at the University of Western Ontario, London, Canada. After returning to the Rhein-Main area (Germany) she worked at the IMM Institut für Mikrotechnik GmbH, the Fraunhofer ICT-IMM and the Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research in Mainz. Her expertise lies in the area of plasma surface modification, surface analysis, thin film development, sensor platforms, adhesion, biomaterials and implants. Within the 7th framework program she coordinated three research programs in the area of wound healing bringing together global partners from private enterprises and academia. In addition, she is external Managing Editor for the publishing house Wiley-VCH, Weinheim. Based on her past experience her responsibility at EurA AG is the initiation and coordination of innovative R&D cooperations between industry and academia. 

Tel. +49 (0) 152 54309484 

Oliver Hafner

Dipl.-Wirtschaftsingenieur (FH)

Control, Funding, Moderator

Senior Consultant for innovation consulting and R&D project management. Many years of experience in company and factory controls with a diversity of subsidiaries of a major international company. As a Cluster Manager he provides support for numerous specialist industrial companies which have a focus on the development and marketing of technology projects.

Tel: +49 (0)7961 9256-226

Annika Hecht

M.A. Management

Innovation Consulting

Bachelor studies in business administration at DHBW Heidenheim. Master studies at Aalen university of applied sciences with focus on innovation management and strategic management. Gained experience in an international company during her studies, among other fields in project management.

Tel: +49 (0)7961 9256-232

Patrick Hiesinger

M.A. International Economics

Cluster Management

Holds a Master degree in International Economics of the University of Göttingen. He wrote his master-thesis about the transfer of technology- and service orientated knowledge from universities to companies. Several years of experience in consulting and business development of fast growing companies. At EurA AG he works as cluster manager for the cluster functional surfaces. Focus: establishing project consortiums, organization of cooperation forums and congresses, R&D project management, business partner search, commercialization of technologies.

Tel: +49 (0)7961 9256-216

Thomas Kraus


Project Management

Studied physics at Augsburg University with focus on solid-state physics, thermoelectrics and electrochemistry. His thesis dealt with the realisation of thermoelectric generators based on thin metal oxide layers. He explored the topic renewable energies further in his doctorate by developing a patented concept for the photocatalytic extraction of hydrogen as source of energy. Furthermore, he gained experience as project architect through an international network in the field of high performance fibre composites. At EurA, he is a project manager with focus on EU projects.

Tel: +49 (0)7961 9256-234 

Florian Lintl

M.Sc. Umweltplanung

Project and Cluster Manager

Studied environmental planning at the Technical University of Munich focusing on the environmental economics, sustainable resource use and renewable resources. In addition to his studies, he received the Manage & More scholarship from UnternehmerTUM in the field of innovation and business design. He followed a research stay at Stanford University, where he also wrote his Master Thesis. After and during his studies he gained experience in the startup sector, including as a business model consultant for Fraunhofer Venture. At EurA AG, he works as a project and cluster manager in the Innovation + Process Management division.

Tel: +49 (0)7961 9256-262

Philipp Maicher

M.Sc. Geologie

Project Management

Studied geology at the Albert-Ludwigs-University in Freiburg. In his thesis, he focused on the modeling of geostatistical variances and CO2 storage. In the "Coaching4Future" educational project he gained his first experience in the field of educational marketing. At EurA, he is a project manager responsible for R&D project management and innovation consulting.

Tel: +49 (0)7961 9256-212

Michael Maier

M.Sc. Energietechnik

Project Management

Bachelor studies in technology management at Stuttgart University, Master studies in energy management. During his studies, he gained expereince abroad as well as in several R&D research facilities and consulting companies. At EurA R&D project manager. 

Tel: +49 (0)7961 9256-258 

Benjamin Raab

M.Sc. Entrepreneurship

Project Management

Bachelor studies between industry, culture and politics in Corporate Management & Economics at Zeppelin University Friedrichshafen. Master studies in Entrepreneurship at Liechtenstein University with focus on innovation and entrepreneurship, strategic management, organization and cluster theory as well as international and intercultural management. Professional experience in Germany and abroad, lastly in the business development of a tourism company. 

Tel: +49 (0)7961 9256-252

Rosmarie Reuß

M.A. Political Science
Cluster Management

Studied political science in Munich, Erlangen and Paris. Traineeship with an international agricultural consultancy in Bonn, work for international organisations (e.g. DRK and EU Commission), primarily on issues relating to food security, the environment and development. Interim spell at the German Embassy in Paris in the Protocol and Economic Affairs Department, and many years of experience as a consultant specialising as a policy adviser to medium sized companies and major corporations. As a Cluster Manager she is responsible for innovation consulting.

Tel: +49 (0)170 7777928

Thilo Riehl

M.Sc. Nachwachsende Rohstoffe

Project Management

Studied Renewable Resources and Bioenergy at Hohenheim University. Aside from system evaluation of different production systems and sustainable energy supply, he also focused on renewable energy technologies and studied life cycle analysis in depth. In various internships, he has gained considerable experience in project management and coordination. At EurA, he is the project manager responsible for R&D project management.

Tel: +49 (0)7961 9256-233 

Andreas Schillerwein

M.Sc. Business Management

Project Management

Studied Business Management at Würzburg University and thereby specialized in accounting, managerial accounting and banking management. Gained experience in process- and project management through his master-thesis at a medium-sized regional company. 

Tel. +49 (0)7961 9256-219

Thomas Schwarzbäck, PhD

Dr. rer. nat.

Innovation + Process Management

Studied physics with focus on optics and semiconductor physics at Stuttgart University. Received a PhD in the field of semiconductor disk lasers. Several years of experience in development of CO2 lasers for a large family business. At EurA, Project Manager in the business unit Innovation + Process Management.

Tel: +49 (0)7961 9256-251

Markus Sebeck


Cluster and Project Manager

Studied electrical engineering at Erlangen University with focus on communications engineering. He has more than 15 years of experience in information and communication technology, amongst others in Smart Grids, and had responsibilities from development to project management and execution of national and international R&D projects. Furthermore, he is experienced in patent affairs and funding projects. At EurA, he is a project & cluster manager.
Tel. +49 (0)7961 9256-257 

Patrick Stöcker

B.Eng. Wirtschaftsingenieur

Project Management

Studied engineering management at Stuttgart DHBW (focus: electrical engineering). Professional experience in this field in Germany and China. At EurA responsible for R&D project management and innovation consulting.   

Tel: +49 (0)7961 9256-256

Johannes Tucher, PhD

Dr. rer. nat.

Project Management

Studied chemistry at Friedrich-Alexander-University in Erlangen, PhD in inorganic chemistry at Ulm University. At EurA, he is responsible for innovation consulting and R&D project management.

Tel. +49 (0) 7961 9256-214

Back Office

Vanessa Bader


Tel: +49 (0)7961 9256-240

Alena Dietterle


Tel: +49 (0)7961 9256-255

Nadine Gaugler

Marketing & PR

Tel: +49 (0)7961 9256-295

Kathrin Gerke-Herdeg

Assistant to the Executive Board

Tel: +49 (0)7961 9256-250

Franziska Grimus

Project Control

Tel: +49 (0)7961 9256-228

Lakshayini Jeyaram


Tel: +49 (0)7961 9256-254

Uschi Kohler


Tel: +49 (0)7961 9256-224

Andreas Kruspel

Project Management

Tel: +49 (0)7961 9256-221

Daniel Lipp


Tel: +49 (0)7961 9256-260

Gerlinde Merz


Tel: +49 (0)7961 9256-243

Roman Schiele


Tel: +49 (0)7961 9256-227

Thomas Schneider

Project Control

Tel: +49 (0)7961 9256-218

Richard Suppes

Project Control

Tel: +49 (0)7961 9256-261

Viktoria Wolf-Schäfer

Financial Controlling

Tel: +49 (0)7961 9256-259