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Cooperation cluster

Bionically structured surfaces and optimized geometries

The goal of the network project is the development of technologies that incorporate the advantages of bionics into technically usable products and provides new approaches in development. The network wants to contribute to anchoring bionic thinking in large parts of industry and in the business processes - from the product creation process. The advantage of this is that the need for efficient processes (surfaces) always exists in a wide range of industries. Examples are deformation, shaping processes (metals, polymers), separation and joining processes, transport processes.

To achieve a great effect, we would like volume markets such as:

  • Automotive, Aviation
  • Agriculture
  • Tool and mold making
  • Chemical / food industry
  • Energy / climate technology
  • Medical technology

Within the network, property enhancements are to be gained through the interplay of functional morphology and nanobionics. This means that not only does the effect of geometric forms play a role, but physico-chemical effects at the molecular level are also incorporated into the development. The main objective of the network is to initiate research and development projects for specific applications as well as to coordinate and accompany partners in the use of public funding. The network will bring together competences and communicate development partners, users and potential customers, who must be ideally suited for the efficient use of such systems and components.

In order to achieve a mission statement, vision, and goals and to enable research and development work, the network promotes networking and exchanges between companies and research institutes from different areas of work. To this end, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), research institutions and large companies are joining together to achieve a common goal.

Contact: Günter Hohmann, EurA AG
Tel: +49 (0)241 963-1216