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Cooperation cluster

Low cost marketing of cabling for broadband

The key to nationwide coverage of fibre-optic networks lies firstly in achieving drastic reductions in the overall costs of construction and secondly in the speed of realisation. In addition, variations in topology can be a severe impediment to installation. These are the issues that the broadnet+ cluster seeks to address. The objective of broadnet+, therefore, is to develop a comprehensive construction concept which is not only cheaper, quicker and greener than current alternatives, but is also a turn-key solution which is not affected by variations in topology either. On the basis of joint conceptualisation, development and subsequent marketing, the aim is to tap the potential of each individual member of the cluster and make optimum use of synergies. Given this vision of a turn-key concept for construction, broadnet+ does not have a focus on any one single area of development. Instead, innovations are required in various different fields on an inter-disciplinary basis, which makes the project an ambitious and highly innovative undertaking.

Contact: Michael Oesterreicher, EurA AG
Tel: +49 (0)7961 9256-238