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Cooperation cluster

New biomass efficiency

The objective of the cluster project is to develop technologies for the efficient use of biomass. Its vision is the production of intermediate products for use as raw materials. At the end of the chain of use the residual materials are converted into solid, liquid or gas form and stored if necessary. The processes need to be measured, managed, visualised and simulated, and need to be safe and reliable, with optimum utilisation of the waste heat. The cluster therefore focuses on (a) the use of biomass for power generation through anaerobic fermentation to produce methane and hydrogen gas and (b) the use of residual biomass mass materials for the production of raw materials in order to produce chemical feedstocks, materials and special chemicals. The cluster aims to make a name for itself as a provider and supplier of innovative and efficient solutions for the optimum use of biomass throughout Europe and beyond.

Contact: Andreas Schäffer, EurA AG
Tel: +49 (0)7961 9256-233