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EurA Venture –
The business model

Our business model is focused on the acquisition, development and sale of participations in company. We see our competitive advantage compared to many other investment companies in the fact that a large proportion of our portfolio companies are recruited from innovation consulting. The development of innovative ideas requires not just technological know-how, but creativity and the willingness to take entrepreneurial risks as well. From over 800 active clients we can filter out the "champions" which, on the basis of our experience, have all the essential characteristics for successful company development. From the initial idea to the development of prototypes normally takes between two and three years. Over this period we are able to follow the development of the technology and the management at first hand as innovation consultants and coaches. This gives us a very sure touch when it comes to preselecting the investment candidates with the biggest chances of growth. On the basis of this asymmetry in terms of information, we believe we have a decisive competitive advantage for finding the notorious "needle in the haystack", because the opportunities, risks, strengths and weaknesses profile of investment candidates can be assessed more expertly.

Our business model derives from the notion of extending the added value of the companies we oversee, resulting not just in above-target returns for our investors, but in benefits for our portfolio companies themselves as well in the form of increased company value.

Where it makes sense and is feasible in individual cases, we seek co-investments with strong companies (e.g. established German and foreign venture capital companies) or ERP start-up funds from the KfW for participations.

Venture capital

Venture capital as a class of investment in the capital market refers to investments in the financing of non-listed companies with equity capital. Whereas debt capital which companies obtain from banks and insurance companies in the form of a loan is paid for with a prior-ranking, fixed rate of interest, equity capital participates without restriction in the profits or losses of a company.

EurA Venture sees itself as a venture capital company, the objective of which is to provide equity capital for financing growth, for which it is granted equity participations in companies in return. The associated ownership rights not only secure the unrestricted sharing in the profits, they also guarantee extensive control and participation rights through which to influence the key decisions taken in the company. The ownership rights associated with the equity capital give the active investor systematically better conditions for achieving maximum returns.