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Financing Modules

Numerous studies have shown that small and medium sized enterprises above all are the backbone of our economy. Small and medium sized enterprises are confronted at every turn with the challenge of how to cover shortfalls in capital in order to finance the costs of R&D, the cornerstone of all efforts to maintain the ability to innovate - unlike major corporations and state-owned enterprises which can count on obtaining the necessary funds from commercial banks.

With increasing globalisation, the pressure on German companies to innovate is greater than ever. The maintenance of a permanent advantage in key technologies is a central factor in retaining a competitive edge in the international market over the long term. For small and medium sized companies seeking capital funds, we offer a wide range of financing alternatives which are specifically tailored to each particular situation, stage in the company’s development and product lifecycle. Our specialist areas of consulting expertise are funding programmes, the arrangement of loan capital, private equity/venture capital and various forms of project finance.

The following pages provide detailed information about many current subsidy funding programmes. Regardless of whether you are looking for a government development loan or classical private equity instead, you will find everything you need here to secure the finance you need for the future development of your company. We design your success together with you. Feel free to contact our experts for advice tailored to your personal requirements at any time.

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