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Financing Module

For the first time R&D projects will be advanced up to 100% by grants of several millions from the European Union. Based on the huge competition and the high organizational effort, both, large and smaller enterprises are often afraid of a grant application for their innovation project. EurA AG assists companies on their grant application as an experienced partner. With the objective to jointly develop innovative products, procedures or services, companies can rely on the support of EurA AG from the beginning of idea generation up to the market introduction.

Possibilites of the EU for sustainable innovation

Considering the global race for knowledge of sustainable innovations, in 2010 the European Council presented the high-tech strategy "Europe 2020". This program sets new directions for an knowledge and innovation based society and a competitive economy as well as a sustainable development of Europe. In this context the funding instrument for research and innovation “Horizon 2020” was set, in which R&D projects can be funded up to 100%. Companies of all sizes can receive grants of several millions after application for their innovation development.

Despite the excellent terms, the number of submitted proposals from Germany is relatively low: Compared to Europe, Germany is only situated on fourth place. In Italy and Spain twice as much proposals for EU grants are submitted than in Germany. But what is the reason for that?

It is clear that the participation in EU programs means a high organizational and administrative effort. Mostly, eligible projects need to have partners from several countries. In addition to these difficulties, language barriers and strict guidelines at the application are accruing. Furthermore the development of a profound business concept is an important precondition to be competitive.

EurA Consult as a strong partner for companies

Based on many years of experience in business and innovation consultancy and an excellent networking, EurA has a profound knowledge in the application for grants. The service company is making arrangements for the application, so that the cooperating company can fully concentrate on the development task of their innovation project. This includes the addition of the consortium, based on the well-established network of EurA. Furthermore the financing experts are supporting their customers at the optimization of their project description.

The compliance with deadlines is the basis for a successful application and will be controlled by EurA. The range of services also includes the communication with the EU as well as translation services. With this strategy already first decisive successes could have been achieved within the “Horizon 2020” program.

Targeting SME development support

The high-tech strategy "Europe 2020" in particular pursues the objective of supporting small- and medium-sized companies with a high growth potential. As a result new markets shall be opened up and that SME´s  are enabled to an international competition. Ideally, the "Horizon 2020" project is based on research results that have been gained in a national program like "ZIM" or "KMU-innovativ" or in projects, supported by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF- Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung). The funding rate hereby amounts to remarkable 70%.

EurA consult supports companies along the value chain from the demonstrator up to the actual market introduction. Through a cooperation of SME companies with the service company the economic and technical risks of development can be minimized. Funding priorities are focused on projects for energy or mechanical engineering topics as well as biotechnical and medical projects. In addition, the information and communication technologies, product research, resource and energy efficiency as well as development projects with the focus on optical- and nanotechnology are of central importance.


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