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BisOn: From nature to industry

Aachen, April 2017: In December 2016 EurA set up the BisOn network to develop bionic solutions for industrial problems.

Nature often presents the best solutions. Organisms, populations and ecosystems, have surpassed all  technical solutions available to date in many areas. However, these can not be easily transferred to technical applications. The ZIM network "BisOnbionically Structured Surfaces and Optimized Geometries", which was founded on the initiative of the innovation consultancy EurA AG, is a model for the organisational services from the "Nature's Patent Office." The recently launched technology cluster is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (BMWi) .

In BisOn, small and medium-sized enterprises as well as large corporations have joined forces to jointly develop innovative processes and products for the market of tomorrow. The long-term economic goal of the network is the launch of bionic systems, which are currently not available on the market and which offer the partners an extraordinary unique feature in Germany, the EU and worldwide. By networking and involving other stakeholders, the network is to be further developed and expanded - thus it is open to new partners. The project is managed by the NRW branch of EurA AG in Aachen.

Bionics characterizes the attempt to orientate itself in the development of technical solutions to nature or to learn from nature. Bionic solutions are considered to be refined, ecologically adapted and low-risk. In addition, bionics is very positive in the public and in the media, it fascinates the people and conveys a sense of naturalness, which directly affects the success of production. Learning from nature has been practiced for thousands of years. Bionics often focuses on the functionalization of surfaces and the development of newl geometries.

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