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Cooperation cluster

Cluster for system technologies for civil unmanned aircraft systems

Unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) are increasingly being used for civil applications and their importance is growing all the time. Following the 14th amendment to the German Air Traffic Act (LuftVG) dated 8th May 2012, unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) and their control stations in Germany are now defined in law as aircraft. This represents one further step in the push for the use of unmanned aircraft (German Air Traffic Regulations [LuftVO]) for civil purposes. The areas of application for unmanned aircraft are considered to be virtually unlimited. Applications include security applications for the police, fire services and disaster relief agencies; for agriculture; for power supply companies for their maintenance processes, flying over power line routes and for the production of aerial photos and videos; and increasingly for the collection of highly accurate spatial information (geo-information). Flights with innovative new types of sensors such as thermographic sensors, laser scanners, infrared cameras or environmental sensors, to name just a few examples of applications, can lead to ever more areas of application for unmanned aircraft systems in future. The goals of the UAS-INSYS cluster are both technological and commercial. In this connection the purpose of the cluster is to initiate and manage innovative developments and to bring new, integrated and intelligent applications and services to the market. Since the potential fields of application for UAS technology are very wide, it has to be treated as a new technology in need of explanation, for which selective marketing tools and strategies need to be developed. One of the focuses of the technological development work will be on multi-sensor systems and mission management systems.

Contact: Johannes Schmidt, EurA AG - NL Aachen
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