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Cooperation cluster
Hydrogen Power Station

Modular hydrogen power station and energy storage

The share of renewable electricity generated from regenerative sources of energy, especially wind and solar energy, is growing. It has to grow if the Federal Republic and the global community are to achieve their goal of reducing the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide. The electricity which is generated fluctuates enormously and a point has already been reached where it is not always possible to feed it into the German power grid. The storage of this electricity and its supply as balancing energy for the stabilisation of the power grids is an indispensable prerequisite for increasing the percentage of renewable sources of energy and it is the primary objective of the cluster. To achieve this objective it is envisaged that a modular hydrogen power station be developed such that when several modules are interconnected (units operating together as a virtual power station), they participate in the primary and secondary control circuits of the grids and also provide a nominal load at the same time. It is envisaged that energy carrying materials will be used in the hydrogen power station to ensure independence in terms of location and from fossil-based sources of energy. This technology is to be developed further by the cluster and tested and optimised in a pilot plant. Following further developments in control/regulation, electricity generation, electrolysis and storage, the technology could be commercially viable.

Contact: Dirk Schmidt, EurA AG
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