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Cooperation cluster

Innovation cluster Functional Surfaces

The cluster Functional Surfaces is a competence and technology platform for functional surfaces. Its objective is to promote the technology transfer spanning different materials, process innovations and innovative products to identify technological issues based on demand and to tackle these issues by proactive network activities. Moreover, the cluster actively contributes to initiating and implementation of technology-oriented joint projects.

Cluster project groups dealing with topics have already been set up. Cluster meetings on specific subjects are held at companies and institutes bringing together experts and potential customers. Cluster working groups and expert panels meet regularly to discuss special issues thus condensing topics down to the project level and supporting partners in their market-oriented project work.

This is done by establishing a constantly updated und pro-actively organized platform for companies and institutes, as well as visits of enterprises and institutes - the so called cluster-meetings. With these meetings, forums and workshops, the cluster Functional Surfaces brings together decision makers and key members of all fields of the supply chain enable target-oriented exchange of information and experiences.

Contact: Dr. Günter Hohmann, EurA AG - NL Aachen
Tel: +49 (0)241 963-1215