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Cooperation cluster

Technologies for candies, sweets, and other nutritional products

Only now do we start to discover the economic potential of Stevia, due to the complicated approval situation in Europe. In 2011 the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has confirmed that Steviol- glycosides (extracted from the Stevia rebaudiana plant) are safe for use in foods and beverages. Stevia ingredients have been in widespread use since then. The food industry is aware of the chance to develop innovative low calorie products, and intensified research on the optimized use of Stevia is beginning right now.

But two years after the approval of Steviolglycosides, there is still a major need for research on technological aspects for the use of this modern sweetener.  The launches of stevia products have continued to accelerate, and a wide range of calorie-reduced food, beverages and sweeteners on a natural base is offered to the consumer.  In 2012 about 500 new product developments have been registered in Europe - and Germany appears to be leading the pack. We feel that Stevia is a promising natural sweetener for modern nutritional values, with a high commercial potential.

The cluster includes small and medium sized companies such as traders, producers, and user of all kinds of the plant itself and its co-dependent sweeteners, as well as Universities, research institutes and laboratories.

This will establish a forum which helps to promote the use of stevia and gain higher recognition as a natural sweetener. Workshops and common research projects will ensure an industry-wide access to recent technological developments. We do not only include aspects related to the production of Steviolglycosides, but also the legal and regulatory aspects, including questions on labelling, health claims, etc.

Contact: Rosmarie Reuss, EurA AG
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