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Cooperation cluster

Mobile and miniaturised optical sensors

The vision of the IMMOS network is to establish a basic model for diverse application of miniaturized optical sensors. Specific Parameters like composition and type of materials should be determined with soft- and hardware solutions. The optical Parameters (Spectra) is not relevant for the user but the derived units. This could be done with specific algorithms which transform spectra into data. Beyond that the cross-linking of sensors facilitate the acquisition of data from widely spread metering points.

Spectroscopic techniques are already widely used for chemical analysis in the industry for example in quality assurance issues. Typically the hardware consists of Lab-Ware or bigger equipment for production facilities.

The development of small, mobile and energy-efficient technical concepts and the evaluation of potential applications in industry and science are the main tasks of IMMOS. This includes software solutions for the analysis of spectra with chemometric, multivariate data analysis, virtual sensors and other algorithms. Also the evaluation of multi-dimensional spectral images with basic hardware like smartphones without graphics processor should be studied.

With this software-concepts the realisation of miniaturized and mobile devices should be accomplished. The IMMOS-Partner working in the fields of optimisation and evaluation of the mentioned procedures and in the field of implementation of these techniques into applications.

Contact:  Dr. Rainer Henking, EurA AG
Tel: +49 (0)40 5488704-36