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Cooperation cluster

Storage technologies for the energy transition

The task of the network and its partners is to develop innovative technologies and services to meet the needs arising in connection with energy storage systems, and jointly implement a prototype.

The thematic focus of this network is the material and thermal energy storage. In these areas, there is still great need for research. Topics to other energy storage types, such as the mechanical and chemical storage will also not be ignored.

Approaches to development issues should be divided along the entire energy value chain, such as production, conversion, distribution, storage and use. It should be noted the entire storage infrastructure and all storage components. It is particularly noteworthy that all the techniques of material and thermal energy storage fundamental issues of material development and characterization to demonstration plants or commercial products be processed.

Be considered both stationary and mobile storage systems. There are already defined several project topics that are implemented with network partners.

Contact: Johannes Schmidt, EurA AG - NL Aachen
Tel: +49 (0)241 9631210