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Renewable Methanol

Renewable Methanol

The network "Regeneratives Methanol" (renewable methanol) is engaged in the demonstration of commercial and technical possibilities of methanol, generated from renewable sources, as chemical energy storage.

The development of an economical storage technology is the precondition for the success of the energy transition. The future energy network has to face a less consistent power generation and at the same time it needs to offset frequently occurring load fluctuations. The potential of renewable methanol is the storage capability of fluctuating energies and the recycling, simultaneously using CO2 as a raw material.

One key responsibility of the network is to develop several concepts in which methanol can be existent with regard to the efficiency of the currently common storage concepts. Furthermore the network is addressing the numerous recycling possibilities of methanol. A second objective of the network is the verification that renewable methanol is suitable as an environmentally friendly fuel for combustion engines (power-to-liquid). Further aspects are the possible use of methanol in the marine engine technology and in the field of reconversion.

With the cooperation network "Regeneratives Methanol" (renewable methanol) a further step towards the achievement of the challenging objectives in Germany regarding the energy transition is made and at the same time the versatile recycling possibilities of methanol are considered.

Contact: Marius Stöckmann, EurA AG
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