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LCA – Life Cycle Assessment as a basis for sustainability management

"Sustainability first and foremost means to go beyond immediate usage to think in the long term, and to assume responsibility for the future."
Alois Glück, German Council for Sustainable Development (RNE)

The Topic: Sustainability and Life Cycle Assessment

In thinking of the life cycles of a product, all the ecological aspects of sustainability will be considered. Which environmental problems occur already with the choice of resources for a product, the raw material extraction of a product, and which occurs at the end of life of the product, at their disposal? In our globalized world we have to look at everything together.

Life Cycle Assessment means

  • systematic look at the entire life cycle of products;
  • the only standardized method for an ecological analysis of products (ISO 14040 and ISO 14044).

Experience and Competence

Since years EurA Innovation GmbH provides strategic guidance to achieve resource efficiency and optimization of product life cycles and processes. Helping companies in terms of resources and energy is reached by using scientific methodologies for technical and economic analysis.

We have applied our broad experiences successfully in many companies of different sizes.

Advantages at a glance

  Reviewable sustainability efforts tend to be a precondition for the granting of benefits and assets such as tax advantages, especially in the field of building and construction industry.  
  From raw material production to recycling, LCA looks at environmental pressures and the consumption of resources over the product’s life cycle. Optimization of work and energy flows very often lead to cost savings.  
  Possible savings will be detected.  

We offer services as a neutral expert

based on the relevant DIN standards (such as Din EN DIN EN ISO 14040:2009 und 14044:2006), an LCA will be realized according to your special needs.

Field of work: services for sustainability

There is an international need of expertise in the field of life cycle thinking, not only for research, but for each company’s bottom line. Nowadays these methods are truly recognized at an international level, and have even become, with time, standardized in the field. This range of work is without a doubt innovative, and offers many new opportunities for SMEs.


1. Determination of demand and advice
2. Life Cycle Inventory Analysis: the analysis of the mass- and energy-flows by tracking down inefficient use of materials and / or energy
3. Life Cycle Assessment: This data collection can be the basis for a life-cycle assessment (LCA) of the product life cycle or ecological footprint (Product Carbon Footprint), realized by the experts EurA Innovation GmbH
4. Labelling, certification and publication of results we - will assist you.

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