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Cooperation cluster

The sixth industrial revolution is bio-based - A Network for Research and Innovation (R&I)

The network advocates the new paradigm of bioeconomy. Its goal is to initiate and oversee market-oriented R&I projects in which new products, technologies and services are obtained from the material use of biomass (plants, animals, microorganisms and waste biological resources).

In an integrated approach partners from academia and industry have joined forces to make this goal achievable. The network management assists them thematically and administratively in the generation of R&I project ideas and their analyses so that they acquire funding from regional, national und EU sources to carry out the projects. Bio-based products, technologies and services with relevance to the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food industries are brought to the market.

Contact: Rosmarie Reuß, EurA AG
Tel: +49 (0)170 7777928