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Cooperation cluster

Municipal-Regional Energy Storage System

"Municipal-Regional Energy Storage System" means that renewable energy, from all kinds of sources, will be harvested and used up in the same region where it is produced. This stored energy will be used up as electricity, thermal energy, or fuel. Special emphasis is put on the biofuel production on the basis of surplus energy from wind mills, or photovoltaic sources.

Thus, we will contribute to finding appropriate solutions for the problems of energies storage, that which we nowadays face on the local level. The network’s vision will be to find a solid long term solution for the storage and use of locally generated renewable energy.

More than 80% of the partner companies in this network are involved in various research and development projects aiming at a mutual implementation of innovative technologies. These partners are mainly SMEs and research institutes, active in the broad field of renewable energies and ICT. Newcomers from the other high tech fields as well are now contributing to the innovative field of energy storage.

Contact: Bernhard Weigl, EurA AG
Tel: +49 (0)8561 910308