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Optics analyses Fluidics

Optofluidics, a relatively young and interdisciplinary technology, combines optics and fluidics. The aim is to analyse and regulate moving fluids by means of optics, and vice versa to influence optics by means of fluids. Fluids are liquids, gases and bulk materials that flow through pipes and mountings. Optofluid analysis, measurement and control procedures will be able to replace time-consuming extractions of samples, contribute to the stabilization of the process flow and reduce maintenance. Furthermore, microfluidic technologies will gain in importance. By miniaturization a microfluidic system may cover the entire functionality of a macroscopic laboratory. Miniaturization widens the functionality of optofluidic systems to systems that are portable and have shorter response-times, which could inter alia be used in the environmental, water and blood analysis.

The network's goal is to develop new applications for optofluidics and to promote their establishment, in particular for small and medium-sized enterprises. In addition, new materials for microfluidic applications and new detection methods shall be developed to keep up with the amount of data that is generated in optofluidic microsystems.

Contact: Annika Hecht, EurA AG
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