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Cooperation cluster

Intelligent and networked future laboratory - "Lab 4.0"

Pursuant to the keyword "Industry 4.0", digitization and networking increasingly find its way into almost all sectors of the economy and there effect a progressive fusion of the physical and virtual world. Industrial and scientific labs, however, still reveal major backlog in this respect.  Starting with the concept and furniture of laboratory rooms, continuing with technologies and equipment used in it as well as its networking and integration into the IT environment of the respective organization, and ending up with the automation of the processes, a great potential for optimization opens up. Based on this the vision of an intelligent and networked "Lab 4.0" arises, and this is what the cooperation cluster SmartLAB aims to get one step closer to.

The aim of the network consists in developing and standardizing innovative lab technologies as well as applications and solutions based on it, that lead to a simplification of processes and an improvement of quality while at the same time increasing both efficiency and process safety. Key aspects, on the one hand, are modularization and integration of functionalities and components for a laboratory environment that is flexible and individually adaptable to the respective demands or even self-adapting. On the other hand, these are digitization and networking of all entities involved in the value added chain of laboratories, which enable real-time provision of all relevant information as well as control and supervision of the processes. Not least, however, key aspects include integration of robotic systems in terms of a direct and optimized interaction between man and machine, and automation of processes.

Contact: Markus Sebeck, EurA AG
Tel: +49 (0)7961 9256-257