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Cooperation cluster
Optilize I 4.0

Photonische Prozesskette & Industrie 4.0

For the maintenance and strengthening of Germany’s role as an economic and innovative location, photonics and optical technologies play a central role. In addition to the optimization of photonic systems and process chains, the next development stage of photonics also requires the addressing of increasing requirements concerning optical components by increasing individualization and the demand for customer-specific solutions. In order to meet these requirements, industry 4.0 is gaining more and more importance in optics manufacturing in Germany. At this point, the network “photonic process chain & industry 4.0“starts.

Against the backdrop of the current challenges in the field of optical manufacturing, the goal of the network is the close conjunction of the individual steps of the production chain starting from development and design of optics ranging over manufacturing and processing to measurement and characterization with regards to establishing a continuous process chain. With the practical implementation of this process chain, the optical industry for the first time has the opportunity to design customer-specific optical components in detail and to produce them automatized via a standardized and controlled production process. The development of new manufacturing machines and procedures as well as the development of new products will be fundamental for the implementation of the continuous process chain. As a supplementary aspect, industry 4.0 in the practice of industrial manufacturing of optical components is considered. Overall, the work of the network is intended to secure the market position of the network partners in international competition.

Contact: Dr. Thomas Schwarzbäck, EurA AG
Tel: +49 (0)7961 9256-251