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Cooperation cluster

Efficient cooling technology without climate-damaging refrigerants

Almost 15% of the worldwide demand for energy is dedicated for cooling and air conditioning. The use of magneto-caloric materials in cooling systems has the potential, to reduce the energy consumption about 30% compared to nowadays used compressor cooling. This means a considerable contribution to environment protection, resource efficiency and climate protection.

Compared with conventional compressor cooling, magnetic-caloric cooling offers a lot of advantages like higher efficiency, abstinence of gaseous coolant und lower vibration and noise. To reach the broad field of applications, approaches which are tracked by means of fundamental Research and Development up to now has to be followed and extended intensively.

Within the planned ZIM-Innovation network “Magnetokalorik” selected corporations and research institutes are working together to meet this challenge. The network is observing all R&D-topics relevant for the efficiency and usability of Magnetocalorik in the different fields of applications and will generate R&D collaborative actions.

Contact: Dr. Rainer Henking, EurA AG
Tel: +49 (0)40 5488704-36