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Max-Eyth-Straße 2
73479 Ellwangen

Telefon +49 (0)7961 9256-0
Telefax +49 (0)7961 9256-211

Enge-Sande Office

Branch Manager

Ralph E. Hirschberg

Project- and Clustermanager

Training as military reserve officer. Studied engineering and materials science at Kiel University. Many years of experience in semiconductor and electronics production. Worked in process, project and global quality management for a medium-sized company during the past years. At EurA, he builds up and manages the project office "Autonomous driving in rural areas". He is located in our new office Enge.Sande in Schleswig-Holstein.

Tel: +49 (0)4662 6147766
Mobile: +49 (0)170 7318096 

Marin Asmussen

Project Assistant

After her apprenticeship as a bank clerk, she worked in different banks for another eight years. Her tasks ranged from the service at the counter to the complex client counseling. During this time, Ms. Asmussen completed a degree in banking at the Geno Academy in Rendsburg. In addition, she participated in a variety of training courses, including: credit counseling, customer contact management and accounting / controlling. Since 01.04.2017 she works as a project assistant at the office of EurA in Enge-Sande.

Tel: +49 (0)4662 6147765


GreenTEC Campus, Lecker Straße 7, 25917 Enge-Sande
Telefon: +49 (0)4662 6147765,