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Cooperation cluster
OMTS I 4.0

Optical measurement & sensor technology for the production of the future – industry 4.0

Our present "smart" world would not be possible without sensors; In many growth areas, they are currently playing a crucial role, especially concerning industry 4.0. Optical measuring methods play a decisive role in this context for the increasing automation of production and testing processes. Until 2020, the currently strong position of Germany and Europe in measurement and sensor technology will be under pressure by the competition from Asia. In order to maintain the current market position of the German sensor industry, also in the context of the increased demands on sensor technology in the context of industry 4.0, a steady flow of innovations and developments is necessary. This is where the network ‘optical measurement and sensor technology for the production of the future – industry 4.0’ starts.

Against the backdrop of current developments and challenges, intelligent, interconnected measuring and sensor technology for the production of the future (industry 4.0) will be developed within the network. By integrating such systems into production, the aim is to create customer-specific products automatically through standardized and controlled production processes. The development of new measurement technology from the macro to the nano level, the development of intelligent, interconnected process measurement and sensor technology, as well as the development of new measuring methods in the field of imaging, will play a central role. As a complementary aspect, industry 4.0 and the corresponding interfaces and standards in the field of measurement and sensor technology required for industrial manufacturing will be examined and developed.

Contact: Dr. Manfred Rahe
Tel.: +49 (0)152 55144869

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