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Max-Eyth-Stra├če 2
73479 Ellwangen

Telefon +49 (0)7961 9256-0
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Cooperation cluster


The ProVeTchi network intends to become a center of competence for the use of new or alternative sources of protein in high-quality food products for different target groups.

For the use of vegetable proteins in the food sector, alternative sources of raw materials (eg amaranth, tarwi, nuna, quinoa, job'stears, hemp, potatoes, squash, almonds) are to be tapped, which - compared to the proteins that are currently in focus (from soya, lupins and cereals, especially wheat) - have benefits from a nutritional and technological-functional point of view.

The network partners aim to cover the entire value chain, starting with the selection and characterization of raw materials, the production of raw materials through the various protein recovery, treatment and analysis methods to develop new plant-based products for a healthy diet.

Contact: Rosmarie Reuss
Tel.: +49 (0)170 7777 928