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EurA News

EurA celebrates topping-out

Ipf- and Jagst-Zeitung reports in October 2017 about the topping-out ceremony for the second building section of the administration building in Ellwangen. The second phase is to be completed on 18 December and will bring 35 new jobs to Ellwangen. [Available in German only]

EurA's Energiesymposium 2017: International and interactive

The Annual Energy Symposium took place on October 18, 2017 in Aachen. 60 European guests discussed the future of the energy sector. [Available in German only]

Harald Eifert elected to the Industry Committee of the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce

Hamburg, September 2017: Harald Eifert, Managing Director at EurA AG, has been appointed member of the Industry Committee for the period 2017 to 2020 by the plenum of the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce. [Available in German only]

35 new jobs for Ellwangen

Ipf- und Jagst-Zeitung, 09.08.2017: The Innovation Consultancy EurA AG is expanding its business both regionally and internationally. Ellwangen is also going to benefit from this: with the expansion in the industrial area Neunstadt, 35 additional jobs will be created. [Available in German only]

Agenda for Energy Symposium 2017

Our annual Energy Symposium will take place on October 18, 2017 in Aachen/Germany. Registration is open until October 4. Download the Agenda and registration form here.

Registration for the LCA-Workshop is running!

On 2017-11-03, EurA AG invites you to a LCA workshop in Bremerhaven

BMWi expands funding for fuel cells to SMEs

Ellwangen, August 2017: The Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy (BMWi) is now supporting small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in their KfW "Energy Efficiency Building and Renovation Fuel Cells" program, which is aimed at modernizing existing business units or building new business units Climate protection with the installation of fuel cells. Have you planned to modernize your existing infrastructure or do you think about energy saving measures in your new buildings? [Available in German only]

24. Innovation Day for SMEs BMWi: EurA meets Ulla Schmidt

Berlin, 18 May 2017: The Aachen EurA branch director Johannes Schmidt has met the vice-president of the German Bundestag Ulla Schmidt. Together with Aachen University of Applied Sciences, EurA presented the climbing service platform for wind power plants called SMART

EurA visits branch office Porto

End of May 2017 the employees of the German EurA offices visited the branch office Porto. The branch was established in spring 2016 by branch manager Dr. Ricardo Greenfield and has now grown by two employees. The office of the subsidiary is located in the Intercontinental Trade Center on the Avenida da Boavista, Porto's longest main road. EurA Porto initiates and coordinates mainly EU projects.

Help for millions of starving people in Africa

Ellwangen, July 2017: The EurA Solidario Foundation supports projects of the Catholic Comboni missionaries who want to bring food and medicine to the starving people and intends to help them with helping themselves. [Available in German only]

Groundbreak for sencond construction stage in Ellwangen

The second construction stage at EurA’s headquarters in Ellwangen started in March 2017. The main building has been completed 5 years ago, now a new building will be built and connected to the first one.

Innovative product developed – and now…?

IHK Hamburg, issue February 2017: Article by Harald Eifert, PhD (member of the board, EurA AG) and Boris Buckow (deputy branch manager EurA Hamburg) about the innovation process and the importance of professional support for SMEs. [Available in German only]

Space technologies against frying smells

Ipf- und Jagst-Zeitung, 23.01.2017: The material for the new filters has originally been developped for the aerospace industry – EurA links space research to industrial applications. [Available in German only]

New member to the board of management

Dr. Harald Eifert (55) will be member to EurA Consult’s board of management from 01.01.2017. [Available in German only]

Germany's most active innovation consultancy

"Business today Ostwürttemberg" issued on 23.11.2016 an article about EurA Consult’s activities regarding EU subsidies. [Available in German only]

10th employee anniversary

On 17.10.2016, Tobias Kübler has been working at EurA Consult for 10 years. Many thanks!

Segway tour at EurA Energy Symposium

The Segway tour organzied by EurA Consult for the Energy Symposium on 20.09. / 21.09.2016 was well received by all participants.

Managing the energy transistion

The 3rd Energy Symposium at EurA Consult Ellwangen took place on 21.09.2016. [Available in German only]

DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 Certification

In August 2016, EurA Consult has been certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015. The certification was granted without any complaints.

Autonomous driving: Sylt's busses are to run autonomously

Sylter Rundschau, 29.07.2016: Supported by EurA Hamburg, Sylt's Majors want the island to become a model region for autonomous driving in rural areas. [Available in German only]

15th employee anniversary

On 01.10.2016, Elisabeth Schmid has been working at EurA Consult for 15 years. Many thanks!

EurA representation in Belgium

Ellwangen, May 2016. Due to its further expansion in Europe, EurA Consult AG has opened a representative office in Belgium. The office in Schilde offers a good closeness to the European Commission.

EurA Consult with a representation in the Netherlands

EurA Consult, one of the leading innovation consultancies in Germany, expands its business with a representation in Enschede, Netherlands.

EurA is an official partner of ESA

Since April 2016, EurA is an official partner of ESA (European Space Agency). [Available in German only]

EurA manager Gabriele Seitz appointed Independent EU Observers

EU commission appoints Gabriele Seitz Independent EU Observer in March 2016. [Available in German only]

10th employee anniversary

On 01.04.2016, Oliver Hafner has been working at EurA Consult for 10 years. Many thanks! [Available in German only]

EurA Consult now present in Portugal

With it's newly created Portugal branch, EurA started in 2016 to expand its activities to South Europe.

EU counts on PCM heat storage

An innovation by ESDA Technologie GmbH has been granted funds by Brussel's Commission in March 2016. [Available in German only]

EurA Branch Manager appointed member of the scientific advisory council for Traditional Chinese Medicine

Harald Eifert, branch manager of EurA Consult Hamburg branch, has been appointed member of the scientific advisory council for Traditional Chinese Medicine in January 2016. [Available in German only]

Another success at SME phase 1 for EurA customer

Ellwangen, January 2016: Once more a EurA customer's project won phase 1 of the SME instrument. Congratulations!

Horizon 2020 – EurA's successful support for applicants

Ellwangen, Dezember 2015. The SME programme focuses on innovative project ideas with high growth potential [Available in German only]

VIU (origanisation of innovative companies)

Gabriele Seitz, managing director of EurA Consult AG, has been elected member of the VIU directorate in October 2015. Congratulations!

Integrative systems are Europe's strength

2. Energy symposium at EurA Consult AG on 09.09.2015 - Innovative ideas and infos for the energy revolution. [Available in German only]

Vacancy: Sales and marketing manager at AMPECT

[Available in German only]

10th employee anniversary

10 years ago, on 01.08.2005, Ms. Aurika Jonas startet to work for EurA. She is part of the "core team" and helped to build and bring the company forward in many ways. Many thanks!

Congratulations to our trainees

Our trainees Stefanie Rettenmeier and Alena Dietterle both passed the year of training in July 2015 with great success and received a prize. We are proud to have such engaged young ladiesin our team, contributing to EurA’s future success.

EurA Innovation joins "Initiative CO2"

Zella-Mehlis. On 01.07.2015, EurA Innovation joins the network "Initiative CO2" of HTI Gienger. [Available in German only]

15th employee anniversary

15 years ago, on 06.06.2000, Mrs. Uschi Kohler startet to work for EurA as one of the first employees. She is part of the "funding team" and helped to build and bring the company forward in many ways. Many thanks!

EU grants for launching innovations

SME symposium with Bernd Reichert, PhD and head of uni SMEs at the European Commission on 18.06.2015 at EurA Consult, Ellwangen. [Available in German only]

Portfolio extension at EurA Innovation: LCA analysis

Zella-Mehlis, June 2015. EurA Innovation extends the portfolio by offering lifecycle analyses for optimizing our customers' internal processes. [Available in German only]

Innovation Award for EurA customer

Zella-Mehlis. During a ceremonial act on 16th June 2015 the German Federal Minister for the Environment Ms. Barbara Hendriks presented a grant statement of the Environment Innovation Programme for the project of an energetic building redevelopment amounting to 741,131.00 Euros. The "Märkische Scholle" was supported by EurA Innovation at the application of this project. (source: BMUB) [Available in German only]

EurA customer has reached the finals of "Deutscher Gründerpreis 2015" (German Start-up Award)

Hamburg, Juni 2015: Nanoscribe GmbH is one of the finalists nominated by the jury. [Available in German only]

Increased attractiveness through Open Innovation

Edelstahl Aktuell, issue May 2015: The ability to innovate is an important leverage for a company's success. An article by EurA Consult AG. [Available in German only]

EurA support to the European Space Agency ESA

Aachen, April 2015. Our EurA Aachen office is currently supporting the ESA within the framework of the EU-Technology Transfer Project FUTTA (Fusion Technology Transfer Action).

Gabriele Seitz becomes EU-Coach for medium-sized businesses

Ellwangen, April 2015. The European Union wants to empower the innovative capacity of SMEs and therefore created the "SME-tool". So-called EU-Coaches support the companies. Gabriele Seitz, director of EurA Consult, has been trained to be such an EU-Coach. [Avaialbel in German only]

EurA branch manager elected member of directorate of VDI Hamburg

Harald Eifert, PhD, branch manager of EurA branch Hamburg, has been elected member of VDI Hamburg directorate on 24.03.2015. He will be responsible for the division "Innovation". [Available in German only]

H2020 SME Phase II Project - EurA client successful!

In March 2015, one of our client's project has been awarded as one of Europe's best projects out of 629 proposals (thereof 47 German proposals) and has reached the start-up phase.

Further expansion of EurA Consult in Germany

EurA Innovation opened a new office in Pfarrkirchen, Bavaria, on 01.03.2015. Responsible: Mr. Bernhard Weigl.

Innovation clusters - Open Innovation alive

Manfred Rahe, PhD & Benjamin Raab (EurA Consult AG) about open innovation and cooperation clusters in Photonik, issue 1-2015. [Available in German only]


Electric drive platform for emission-free driving and working

December 2017: The BMBF-funded SME NetC innovation project "Muffel +" with four industrial partners and three research institutions has recently started. [Available in German only]

Cluster "ClearWater" starts phase II

December 2017: The ZIM Innovation Cluster is engaged in the development of innovative products and processes for the efficient purification of water for households, businesses, clinics and nursing homes. Join us too! [Available in German only]

BMWi Research Project "Thermal / Electrical System ECG of Buildings and Neighborhoods"

October 2017: Project executing organization Jülich and project management TU Dresden visited the industrial partner YADOS on the occasion of the joint project. [Available in German only]

"Muffel+"- Project meeting at Max Holder GmbH

On 10.11.2017, the research project "Muffel +", established by EurA, came together to coordinate the development steps for the implementation of a compact and scalable electric drive platform for multi-purpose vehicles.

Presentation of the cluster "Regenerative Methanol" at Goethe School.

On 07.11.2017, the custermanagement held a scientific lecture on a current problem at Goethe School in Ilmenau (Thuringia). [Available in German only]

Autonomous driving in the newspapers

Flensburger Nachrichten, 17.08.2017: Article in the Flensburg News about the funding for the NAF bus as part of our network "Autonomous Driving in Rural Areas". [Available in German only]

Pre2Food Workshop

Registration open: Workshop "Hygiene in the Food Industry" organized by the cluster Pre2Food on 26 October 2017. [Available in German only]

3sat reports on LaWin

3sat reports on LaWin in September 2017 - the EU project initiated by EurA for the development of an intelligent building facade.

Eilenburger Fenstertechnik receives EU funding

Focus online, 11.08.2017: Supported by EurA AG, Eilenburger Fenstertechnik GmbH & Co. KG will receive EU funding under the Horizon 2020 programme for its "soundproof4win" project. [Available in German only]

NAF bus in th newspapers

29.07.2017: "Sylter Rundschau" reports on the driverless bus which is funded by BMVI with over two million Euros and will be developed by EurA's Cluster "Autonomous Driving in Rural Areas". [Available in German only]

2 Mio. EUR funds granted for cluster "Autonomous Driving in Rural Areas"

Enge-Sande, July 2017: Breakthrough for autonomous driving in rural areas - The Federal Ministry for Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI) grants funds of more than two million euros. [Available in German only]

Data protection compliant health apps

Ellwangen, 23.06.2017: A member of the new cluster "SmartHealth" provides partners and start-ups with a free development kit for haelth data. [Available in German only]

JenLab wins CFI award 2017

Jena, June 2017: EurA customer JenLab wins the CFI award for Europe’s most innovative medical diagnosis system. [Available in German only]

Augmented Reality for the builiding industry

Ellwangen, 19.05.2017: The AR-Sensor * 4.0 network invites prospective interested parties to exchange experiences via the intelligent processing of sensor data and their visualization in conjunction with advanced reality technologies. [Available in German only]

EurA Customer SunOyster GmbH receives funding from EU program

Brussels / Hamburg, 19 May 2017: SunOyster Systems GmbH receives a Phase 2 grant from the EU's SME instrument. The project will introduce SunOyster as a combination device for the simultaneous production of electrical energy and refrigeration for air conditioning systems in the global market.

Newspaper article about "Autonomous driving"

The journal "Omnibusrevue" publishes in its issue May 2017 an article about the EurA cooperation cluster "Autonomous driving" including a commentary by cluster manager Ralph Hirschberg. [Available in German only]

"Autonomous Driving" at Hannover Messe

Dr. Harald Eifert, cluster coordinator and managing director at EurA AG, introduces the new cooperation cluster “Autonomous driving in rural areas” on 26.04.2017 in Hall 2, Stand C07.

BisOn: From nature to industry

Aachen, April 2017: In December 2016 EurA set up the BisOn network to develop bionic solutions for industrial problems.

Application workshop inline-capable process controls

Application workshop on inline-capable process controls tomeasure surface purity for industrial coating processes on 15.03.2017 at SARTORIUS AG in Göttingen. [Available in German only]

EU provides funds for the development of autonomous driving in Schleswig-Holstein.

Kiel, 20.03.2017: The Undersecretary of State launches the EurA cooperation cluster with Schleswig-Holstein as model region for “Autonomous driving in rural areas”. [Available in German only]

Kick-off meeting cluster Autonomous Driving

On 20.03.2017 Frank Nägele, undersecretary of state, will hand over the approval letter for the cluster “Autonomous driving in rural areas”.

Model region for autonomous driving

"Wirtschaft zwischen Nord- und Ostsee", issue11/2016: Schleswig-Holstein is to become a model region for autonomous driving. Interview with Harald Eifert, EurA Consult. [Available in German only]

Space technology for chip shops

Ellwangen, 16.12.2016: EurA Consult entered into a partnership with the European Space Agency ESA in January 2016. Thanks to ESA experiments on the ISS, frying smells can soon be removed by cold plasma. [Available in German only]

Driving without driver

20.03.2017 – The Schleswig-Holstein Ministry of Economics reports about EurA’s project “Model region for autonomous driving”. [Available in German only]

Approval of 1,4 million for EurA customer Dorst

Münchner Merkur, 06.10.2016: Ilse Aigner, Bavarian Minister for Economic Affairs, handed over the approval letter to Dorst Technologies. [Available in German only]

Augmented Reality cluster: Industry 4.0 innovations

Ellwangen, 12.10.2016: New research cluster AR-SensoR*4.0 wants to develop augmented reality applications for production, assembly and service. [Available in German only]

Future technologies in our region

Schwäbische Post, 21.09.2016: EurA Consult launches cooperation cluster Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality. [Available in German only]

EurA customer JenLab awarded TOP100

JenLab is one of Germany's 100 most innovative SMEs, awarded in June 2016. [Available in German only]

EurA Key Account celebrating 25th anniversary

Zella-Mehlis. Böhm Fertigungstechnik Suhl GmbH celebrates its 25th anniversary on 19.08.2016. [Available in German only]

Top modern marine technology

Nordwest Zeitung, 29.07.2016: Olaf Lies, Lower Saxony's minister of economics affairs, is impressed by EurA customer Böning's marine technology. [Available in German only]

"Red Dot" for LED daylight lab lamp

KPG Design Group awarded winner of the Red Dot Award 2016 (category product design) for its professional lamp spectrolab. [Available in German only]

ZIM success stories: EurA cluster InTeWind

Aachen, April 2016: The EurA cooperation cluster InTeWind - Innovative technologies and services for wind energy plants - is a ZIM success story. [Available in German only]

Successful completion of network "Modular hydrogen power station and energy storage"

Zella-Mehlis, März 2016: The cluster will continue working as an open company network. [Available in German only]

Kick-off Meeting European project NATUREEF in Ellwangen

On the 24th and 25th of February 2016, the kick-off meeting for the European cluster excellence project NATUREEF took place.

Cluster "Regeneratives Methanol" starts Phase 2

Zella-Mehlis. In February 2016, the funds for pahse 2 of the cluster "Regeneratives Methanol" have been granted by VDI/VDE lnnovation + Technik GmbH for the period 01.10.2015 - 30.09.2017. [Available in German only]

Innovation forum TEDIMA closing session

Zella-Mehlis. Freies Wort, issue 05.02.2016: Erika Schmidt, EurA Innovation, leads the closing session of TEDIMA innovation forum on Breitungen Castle. [Available in German only]

Climbing robot for windmills

Schwäbische Post, issue 17.12.2015: Johannes Schmidt, EurA Consult AG, coodinates the development of a service robot in Aachen. [Available in German only]

Invitation to TEDIMA innovation forum closing session

EurA invites to join the closing session of TEDIMA innovation forum on 27.01. - 28.01.2016. [Available in German only]

EurA Innovation at Methanol Policy Forum

Zella-Mehlis. This year's Methanol Policy Forum took place from 13. - 14.10.2015 in Brussels with many international experts from research and industry. [Availabke in German only]

Kick-off meeting for innovation forum "TEDIMA"

Zella-Mehlis. TEDIMA has been launched successfully on 17.09.2015 in Erfurt. [Available in German only]

New projects in additive manufacturing

Schwäbische Post, 09.09.2015: Cluster meeting in Aalen - EurA Consult supports companies and helps to build consortia. [Available in German only]

Award for member of "fotec" member Bader

August 2015: Bader Pulverbeschichtung GmbH, member of cooperation cluster "fotec", has been awarded by Ranga Yogeshwar as one of the most innovative companies at the German SME Summit. [Available in German only]

Hard-soft combinations more and more important for 3D printing

Expert meeting on additive manufacturing on 18.08.2015 in Aalen. [Available in German only]

EurA makes offshore transports safer and more efficient

August 2015: EurA cluster InTeWIND initiates the development of an information system for making offshore transports safer and more efficient. [Available in German only]

Cooperation cluster "ZukunftSpeicher" continues in Phase 2

Aachen/Ellwangen, August 2015. The ZIM cooperation cluster "ZukunftSpeicher - storage technologies for the energy transition", initiated 2014 by EurA Consult Aachen, will continue its work in in Phase 2. [Available in German only]

Innovation forum TEDIMA launched

Zella-Mehlis. TEDIMA aims to develop an easy to operate hard- and software solution for elderly and disabled people and takes place from 01.07. to 31.12.2015. [Available in German only]

Ministry of Finance and Economics visits cluster biomastec

Ellwangen. Edith Köchel, member of Baden-Württemberg's Ministry of Finance and Economics, visits EurA's cooperation cluster biomastec on 04.05.2015. [Available in German only]

EurA Innovation at VDI symposium

Zella Mehlis. EurA Innovation participates in the 5th VDI symposium "energy storage for the energy revolution", 23.-24.06.2015 / Fürth. [Available in German only]

AMPECT GmbH presents charging infrastructure system at "MobiliTec"

Zella-Mehlis. Two charging infrastructure systems have been presented successfully at "MobiliTec" Hannover, 13.-17. April 2015. [Available in German only]