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EurA – The innovation consultants

Innovative capability is a decisive competitive factor. It is what determines the value of a company. Companies can only achieve profits and growth by constantly bringing out new products with added value. Germany is by no means short of good ideas. But ideas alone are not enough. Turning ideas into reality requires courage - the courage to take decisions and take risks. But courage alone is not enough either. For successful innovators, every day means risking a balancing act - between clear processes which facilitate efficient development and production, and the creative freedom which facilitates the creation of something new. It is between these two poles that management has to create the right encouragement and manage the innovation process. This calls for individuals with outstanding leadership qualities that are able to break with traditional mentalities and demonstrate the courage to innovate.

Our tools for success are comprised of a range of different individual modules along the innovation process chain.

The EurA innovation process

Our pool of experts have industry-specific know-how and are specialised in kick-starting processes of change for the development of innovations and strengthening of competitiveness. We provide support for SMEs along the innovation and value-added chain, starting with the generation of ideas through to market roll-out and fund raising.