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Private Equity
Financing Module

Private equity is the term used for the equity capital of what are primarily institutional investors which is invested in companies not listed on the stock exchange. In Germany these non-listed companies are of considerable importance. In 2010 there were no less than 6,000 companies in which a private equity investor was involved as a shareholder and financial backer. There are many reasons why shares in companies are sold to private equity investors. One reason is to enable the shares of an entrepreneur to be taken over as part of arrangements for succession of ownership; another is when a corporate group wishes to divest itself of a subsidiary which no longer fits into its overall strategy for the future. When investors get involved, they generally open up new avenues for the company: opening of new markets, development of new products, acquisition of rival companies, and much more besides. Private equity investors all have one goal: to make companies better and more competitive and therefore increase their value. In many cases, therefore, private equity is a solution for a company in need of capital and know-how to help it get ahead.

Definition of private equity
Definition of goal

EurA Venture GmbH invests in technology-oriented growth enterprises with high growth potential. Together with our cooperation partners, such as the High Tech Gründerfonds (HTGF) for example, we are able to provide private equity for different company stages.

There is also an extensive range of government funded equity participation programmes which are generally open to young and innovative fast growing companies. Our experts offer you the opportunity to get their advice on sources of funding at no obligation to you.

Your contact: Michael Oesterreicher

Definition of company stages

Venture capital

At certain stages in a company’s development it is necessary to enter into a partnership with an investor for a limited time. The investors share in the entrepreneurial risk and inject not just capital but expert knowledge as well, in order to build up the value of the company and its innovative strength. In addition to private and institutional investors and financial backers, the state also takes participatory shares in companies through a multitude of publicly subsidised equity participation programmes, in order to enable innovative technology companies to finance their expansion.

EurA Venture GmbH is a subsidiary of EurA AG and specialises in the arrangement and provision of equity capital.

Equity participation programmes

Current equity participation programme options:

  • ERP Participation programme
  • ERP Innovation programme (participation variant)
  • ERP Start-up fund
  • Business start-up and consolidation
  • Expansion and long-term security
  • Venture capital programme
  • Technology and innovation funding

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