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Technology Management

We combine comprehensive technology expertise and strategic capabilities to provide clients with the best possible support for the development and implementation of an integrated technology strategy which is fit for the future - from the initial idea and planning, to the selection and optimisation of the infrastructure and applications and the operative management of the solutions.

Our experts have the experience needed for tailoring capital expenditure to corporate goals and management-related criteria on a forward-looking, value-oriented and systematic basis. In doing so, we help our clients to identify the opportunities presented by technological innovations for improving operative results and securing lasting success for the company. As a strategic partner, we provide support for the research and development activities of our clients. We believe that in-depth specialist knowledge, imagination and creativity provide the basis for the generation of creative and innovative solutions for our clients' issues. We develop solution principles and concepts for the products of our clients. To systematically evaluate the opportunities and risks of the resultant development options we use tools such as utility analyses.

We use the following methods as tools:

Creativity techniques

Creativity techniques encourage creativity and the generation of good ideas. They work if they are used properly. We plan and moderate innovation workshops and advise you and your company from the initial generation of ideas to the development of core areas of expertise and the strategic securing of unique selling points.

Technology appraisals and feasibility studies

We draw up technology appraisals and carry out feasibility studies. These provide our clients with an overview of new technologies which could be of interest for the future of their company. As a result of thorough research and appraisal processes, we reveal the opportunities and risks involved and provide recommendations for action in accordance with the specific assignment.

Technology road mapping
We develop technology road maps and monitor the progress of technologies. We keep our clients up-to-date about technical advances and associated opportunities and risks.

Market and competitive analyses

Analysis of the competitive determinates and success factors for innovative products and processes. We assist you with the preparation of a strategic plan and advise you on the operative measures to be derived from it.

Technology and product benchmarks
We perform technology and product benchmarks for our clients, in which we assess the technological performance of companies and thereby help our clients with their positioning in the market and the identification of competitors and cooperation partners.