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Cooperation cluster

Development of an integrated comprehensive system (geothermal + solar energy) with open interfaces to other energy producing and consuming systems

The core focus of the Thermie cooperation cluster is on the combination of surface geothermal energy and solar thermal energy as separate systems into an efficient comprehensive system, with the objective of using innovations to reduce CO2 emissions which adversely affect the climate, develop low cost solutions for the use of regenerative energies, build up the technological leadership of the European geothermal and solar energy industry and secure jobs with a promising future. To increase the acceptance and competitiveness of these regenerative sources of energy, the focus is on simple and reliable concept development, planning, commissioning and operation, along with transparent costing. The members of the cluster seek to pool areas of potential, explore synergies and realise and market the resultant ideas in joint projects. Big ideas need a big cluster with expertise. The members of "Thermie" therefore include not just 6 universities and research establishments but also 15 mainly small and medium sized enterprises from Germany, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Switzerland and East Africa.

Contact: Dirk Schmidt, EurA AG
Tel: +49 (0)3682 40062-15