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Cooperation cluster
Smart Grids

Intelligent power grids

The mission of the cluster is to develop technologies and services for the power supply system which is currently in a process of dramatic change and to realise and market them jointly in prototype form in order to tap synergy effects for the participants in the cluster. The acceleration of the change in energy policy and the need to increase resource efficiency is a key issue for our society. The power grid of the future has to be intelligent. Smart grids - intelligent power grids - support the interplay of the forces of supply and demand and at the same time the integration of supplies generated from regenerative sources of energy. New, intelligent technologies and services need to be developed for the power grid of the future. Smart grids link the producers of electricity more closely in networks to their consumers, and are considered to be one of the solutions for coping with the inrush of energy input to the power grid from regenerative sources of energy from independent suppliers. The aim of smart grids is to improve the efficiency of the power supply system by bringing generation, storage, grid management and consumption together in a complete system. By smoothing out grid utilisation, smart grids enable power stations to be run more efficiently and will ultimately also make a major contribution to the reduction of CO2 emissions.

Contact: Johannes Schmidt, EurA AG - Aachen office
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