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73479 Ellwangen

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Cooperation cluster

Innovations and technologies for the monitoring, maintenance, repair and safe and reliable operation of wind power stations

The mission of the competence cluster is to develop technologies and services for the requirements associated with the operation of wind power stations and to realise them jointly in prototype form in order to tap the potential for reducing costs in the operation of onshore and offshore wind power facilities. The change in energy policy requires a massive expansion of wind power facilities. The demand for higher productivity, system availability and process reliability means that wind power stations have to be extremely reliable and safe. It is therefore essential that the condition of components and systems is permanently monitored to ensure that maintenance work can be planned and carried out systematically with the efficient use of resources. This will help prevent possible power failures and reduce costs. The members of the cluster are mainly small and medium sized enterprises and research organisations from the broad field of the wind power industry, along with newcomers from other high-tech industries. In addition the participants in the cluster are also involved in the operation and maintenance of wind power stations and with global port-oriented logistics services. Wind power in combination with intelligent power grids and storage technologies is another focus of the cluster; it has an interface with the Smart Grids cluster.

Contact: Johannes Schmidt, EurA AG - NL Aachen
Tel: +49 (0)241 9631210
Web: www.intewind.de