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EurA Venture –
A clear vision as the basis for action

As a private investment company, we look for passionate entrepreneurs who have absolute belief in their product and market concept. In a partnership of equals, we are able to open doors to industry, the scientific community and the financial sector through our interactive clusters and numerous personal contacts. Our team members have know-how from a wide range of fields and industries and some of them have also had experience of setting up their own companies at some point.

The investment team at EurA Venture does not aim to measure its success on the basis of the number of its participatory shares. Instead, we are far more interested in pursuing the exceptional, or finding the needle in the haystack as it were. In this regard we believe that there are many routes to success, even where the substance and issues concerned are more or less identical. In our vision we have embraced the following principles which we believe are critical for success:

  • Pursuit of perfection, hard work and the determination to achieve success, the readiness to work together with other people in the cluster and communicate on a cross-hierarchical basis. If any one of these essential characteristics and virtues is lacking, the outcome will generally be unsatisfactory; regardless of the amount of effort put in.
  • The "human" factor is always the focus for us. We respect every individual with all their differences and their desire for self-expression, as well as for security with respect to their future.
  • Every company is of equal importance to us. We respect their independence and preserve their corporate culture and identity. Our mission is to make a significant contribution to positive further development.