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EurA Venture –
Direct participation of investors

As an investor you have the opportunity with us to take direct participation interests by investing capital in technology companies for financing growth. Become a co-entrepreneur with us, without an intermediate third party such as an investment company, and contribute your specialist know-how and your business experience in order to participate jointly with us in the success of the development of a company. As coach and investment manager, we continue to be responsible for the development and strategic control of the company in which the participating interest is held. In principle each investor decides for themselves which participation projects they wish to invest in and to what level financially when each fund raising project comes up for consideration. The investor therefore decides for himself the amount of risk they are prepared to take. This makes it possible to build up an individually defined diversified portfolio (e.g. in industries) on the basis of individual areas of focus.

In close consultation with operative management, we look after all the key issues along the entire value-added chain which are concerned with increasing company value. At the same time we are also the point of contact for the investors and shareholders who have placed their faith in us and entered into a direct investment.

As investors in direct investments in related industries it also goes without saying that investors also wish to actively contribute their expertise to the operative business of the participation project as well. Depending on time constraints, this can be organised with us on an advisory basis through advisory boards or working groups.

Direct participation