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EurA Venture –
Indirect participation of investors

Our participation model is open to private and institutional investors who make their capital available to us for participation purposes in accordance with predefined investment criteria. Before the decision to take a stake in a company is made, a panel of the investor’s examines whether, and if yes, to what extent and subject to which terms the required capital should be made available. In this way the investor is always able to obtain a comprehensive picture of the applicable opportunity and risk profile of a participation project before entering into participation, so that they can reach a decision in discussion with us. The decision is a mutual one.

If a decision is taken in favour of investment, EurA Venture receives project-specific mezzanine capital from the investor. The mezzanine capital is invested directly in a participation project together with the private equity of EurA Venture. The private equity may under certain circumstances be leveraged with funds from public funding programmes, in order to provide greater financial latitude.

In the case of indirect participation the investor profits from performance-related rates of interest over the investment term and an equity kicker on sale of the participation.

Indirect participation