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EurA Venture –
The participation process

The participation process is fundamentally comprised of a number of stages: To enable us to analyse and appraise your business concept, we have established a transparent four-stage process. Our aim is to be quick and thorough.

Participation Process

Business plan

Send us your detailed business plan. If you need assistance preparing it, we will be pleased to provide you with an experienced coach. The actual content is naturally of more importance to us than formal aspects. However, you should nevertheless ensure that you adhere to certain points when preparing the business plan, which will make both your job and ours easier and improve your chances of a positive response, not just from us. For the start we only require a summary version, or an executive summary, not exceeding 10 to 12 pages in length. For the full business plan, incidentally, 30 to 40 pages are quite sufficient.

If you are still uncertain as to whether your idea is suitable for private equity, then provide a description of your business concept. Send the completed form to us at All the information you send us will of course be treated in absolute confidence.

Term sheet

Following the evaluation of your material and an initial personal meeting with you, we take a decision on the next steps to be taken. For the evaluation, the key considerations are our investment focus and the investment criteria. In the event of a positive decision, we offer you a term sheet. The term sheet contains the terms for participation of EurA Venture GmbH. Once the term sheet has been signed, due diligence is initiated.

Due diligence

The objective of our due diligence is to ensure as far as possible that the assumptions and preconditions on which a bid for a company is based are correct and that all relevant risks have been identified. In this process we take a detailed look at your project so that we can fully understand your business concept.

The key aspects addressed in our assessment activities revolve around the following points:

  • Determination of the degree of technological innovation and the market opportunities
  • Commercial viability of the business model
  • Competitive analysis, appraisal of the situation regarding industrial property rights
  • Analysis and structuring of capital requirements
  • Approaches to and discussions with other investors (private and/or institutional investors, high-tech start-up funds, etc.)

For technology and market analyses we also call on advice from internal or even external experts. In the event of a positive outcome to the process of due diligence, a recommendation for participation is submitted to our advisory board.