New funding program for non-technical innovations launched

The German Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy (BMWi) has launched a new funding programme for innovation activities in addition to the existing, primarily technology-oriented R&D funding. In contrast to technical innovations, non-technical innovations are often characterised by an interactive character. This means that in contrast to technical innovations, non-technical innovations are subject to a continuous, dynamic process of change even after market launch.

 The new funding program takes this situation into account: the novelty of a solution, for example through a previously non-existent service concept or business model, is an important criterion. Non-technical innovations include new product, service, process, organizational and marketing concepts as well as business models. The primary contribution to value creation is essentially the result of changes aimed at previously unknown application contexts, possible uses, organizational structures or earnings and value creation mechanisms.

The new innovation program for business models and pioneer solutions (IGP) supports the following project forms:

  • Early phase/feasibility: Experimental individual or cooperation projects in the innovative early phase with the character of feasibility tests,
  • Maturing/market piloting: Complex individual and cooperation projects for the maturing of innovations, including extensive market tests and piloting on the market,
  • Networks: Interdisciplinary innovation networks of at least five small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) that are supported by the services of a network management institution and whose actors exchange knowledge on inter-disciplinary innovation topics, develop ideas and implement innovations.

First call for proposals in November 2019
In the first round of this new funding programme, digital and data-driven business models and pioneering solutions will be promoted. Applications will be submitted for projects that target innovations in the digital or data-driven field or use digital or data-driven innovations for innovations and promise significant advantages over existing solutions thanks to information technology and/or new concepts or procedures for using data.


These include innovative apps for new areas of application, new Internet-based ways of addressing customers, software and platforms for new forms of interaction and networking, comprehensive market-oriented concepts with a strong focus on digitisation, and new business models and market-oriented solutions that exploit new possibilities for digitisation and data processing.

Further call rounds are planned for cultural and creative business models in March 2020 and for educational and information-improving projects with a special focus on social aspects in August 2020.

Support from EurA AG
Funding under this new programme may also be used to develop and test new, modified business models for the distribution of technical products. The two project forms of the programme enable feasibility tests with a duration of 12 months and up to 70,000 Euro funding as well as complex innovation projects including extensive market tests and piloting on the market with a duration of 24 months and up to 300,000 Euro funding.

EurA AG supports you in assessing the opportunities, the application process and all administrative and coordinating tasks in this new programme.


We will be happy to assess your innovation idea and give you a free assessment of your possibilities.


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