EurA customer LightnTec receives seven-figure EU funding for "Digital Wallpaper"

The Karlsruhe start-up LightnTec receives a seven-point grant from the EU funding programme "Horizon 2020". With these funds, the company's revolutionary technology for digital light on film will be further developed over a period of two years starting in November 2019. The funds will also be used to expand production in Karlsruhe. "We are grateful for the competent and cooperative cooperation between LightnTec and EurA that led to this successful application," says Managing Director Lutz Nehrhoff von Holderberg.


The technology


With "Digital Wallpaper", LightnTec has developed a unique video-controlled light foil and brought it to market maturity. The sensor-controlled, flexible and ultra-light films are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The solution with the intelligent material closes the gap between analog lighting solutions and high-resolution displays. The technology offers a broad application potential in the areas of AV displays, lighting and human-centric lighting as well as for digital dynamisation of surfaces on ceilings, walls or facades.


LightnTec belongs to the European Champions League of innovative companies


"Only a very small group of SME companies with excellently rated projects receive funding from the Horizon 2020 programme. We are proud that we can assert ourselves with our disruptive innovation. This makes LightnTec part of the Champions League of the European start-up scene," says managing director and founder Florian Kall.

Development is being driven forward


"Following this gratifying decision, we have a tight work programme ahead of us," explains Nehrhoff von Holderberg. "Our first important goal is to ensure a homogeneous filling factor of the individual light points on a rollable film. This makes additional applications possible and the addressable market even larger. Numerous international customers and partners already rely on our technology".


"We are delighted about the recognition from Brussels".


Günter Steffen, Chairman of the Advisory Board of LightnTec, about the donation from Brussels: "We were very pleased about the decision of the European Commission. This enables LightnTec to complete the innovations, scale the production and initiate a broad marketing. Also for the investors, High-Tech Gründerfonds from Bonn and BORN2GROW-Seedfonds from Heilbronn, the decision of the EU is a strong proof for the extraordinary technology of LightnTec".


About LightnTec


LightnTec was founded at the beginning of 2016 and has its headquarters in Karlsruhe. Using sensor-controlled, intelligent, flexible, rollable, cut-to-size, thin and ultra-light light foils, LightnTec unleashes the power of seamless integration of advertising, lighting and room designs in real time - "AI Light 2.0". LightnTec digitizes rooms that actively steer, inform and entertain.



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