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Technology Scouting and Match-Making is your easy way to stay innovative. Open Innovation is a cost efficient and fast answer to changing market conditions and customer needs. EurA successfully carried out numerous Match-Making events in the years 2017, 2018 and 2019 on behalf of the European Commission with (among others) the following companies.

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The SME Instrument business acceleration services have kicked-off and the first event with Corporates could not have started better.

A selected group of 14  SME Instrument top innovators had the opportunity to pitch their business cases, receive feedback and network with top managers of the global leader in industrial technology ABB, share experiences with the incubated start-ups of the ABB's innovation hub SynerLeap and learn about the state-of-the-art applied research in robotics, industrial automation and energy at the famous ABB Corporate research center in Västerås (Sweden).

Àngel Verdú, managing director of SME Instrument-funded company WATTABIT, commented just after the event: "It has been a great experience. It is not easy to reach the top managers of such a big corporate as ABB and thanks to the SME Instrument we had all the doors opened. We talked about access to market and partnership and we had a good feedback, let's hope we carry on with a relationship".

For John Meagher, business development director of Nova innovation "Being able to connect with one of the world's leading innovators is a real privilege. Understanding ABB's desire to engage with SMEs to facilitate growth was both enlightening and inspiring."

The Vice President and Head of ABB technology ventures, Dr. Kurt Kaltenegger, summarised in the closure ceremony: "It has been a great day, the selection of companies has been fantastic and all of them are of interest for ABB. We need more ambitious entrepreneurs in Europe who are ready to think big".


Source: https://ec.europa.eu/easme/en/news/sme-instrument-innovators-and-abb-writing-future-together


Procter & Gamble

On 13 and 14 June 2017, 96 SME Instrument companies had the opportunity to present their business cases and network with some of Europe’s largest corporates at the InQBet accelerator, Procter and Gamble’s Innovation Center in Brussels. 10 companies took the gold.

The SME Instrument Corporate Day was at P&G’s Innovation Center in Brussels and among more than 250 people in the audience, there were high-level representatives from P&GABInBevDEMEGSKNokiaPuratos,  Solvay and Cargill. Katy Fish, Chief Research and Innovation Manager Officer from P&G, also attended the event and met with some of the SME Instrument innovators present.


The event was broken down into 15 presentation sessions, covering 10 topics ranging from healthcare to circular economy and artificial intelligence. In the end, 10 companies received awards for the best presentation in each category. Meet the 10 winning companies and the category where they took the gold:



Over the past year, the EIC SME Instrument Business Acceleration Services have given funded companies the opportunity to present their solutions to large corporates like ABB, Airbus, BMW and Iberdrola. For SMEs, one of the most significant obstacles to growth is getting their innovations seen by the right people at large companies. Bridging this gap is essential for fostering the growth of the next generation of European business leaders.


Source: https://ec.europa.eu/easme/en/news/10-sme-instrument-innovators-awarded-pg-brussels-innovation-center


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