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17-19 / 09




Packaging Symposium 2020

The Zentrum für Lebensmittel- und Verpackungstechnologie e.V. opens its doors and invites you to the ZLV Packaging Symposium 2020 - the meeting point for all partners in the value chain of industrially produced and packaged food.



14 / 05

 10:00 until 11:00 



Webinar: Funding opportunities for solutions against biofouling

In this webinar we would like to inform about funding possibilities of projects in the field of biofouling. In particular we would like to point out the national ZIM programme and the LIFE funding programme of the EU. LIFE co-finances projects in the environmental sector, especially in the fields of chemicals and marine and coastal management. The programme offers grants for pilot and demonstration projects.


The access data will be published shortly. Please register for the event now!


If you`re interested please contact Dr. Rainer Henking.


23-24 / 06




Energy Symposium: Hydrogen in projects

Innovative technologies and new business concepts around projects for hydrogen production and use are the focus of the 7th Energy Symposium. The event offers a platform for the cross-sector exchange between technology providers and users. 


For Europe's transformation to a climate-neutral continent, we must switch our energy production for stationary and mobile applications from fossil to renewable energies. Hydrogen as an energy carrier is considered to be of central importance in this context, thanks to its diverse applications in centralized and decentralized power generation, in vehicles, for the production of synthetic fuels and for long-term storage.  



01-02 / 10




Workshop on Quantum Technologies

CiS e.V. and the CiS Research Institute will organize a versatile workshop on the topic of "Workshop on Quantum Technologies". In our sessions you can expect exciting presentations from representatives from research and industry on (1) Q.Sensing, (2) Q.Communication, (3) Q.Enabling technologies (Assembly & Packaging, Control & Readout Electronics) and (4) Q.Computing. Take advantage of this opportunity to network with experts and keep up to date on current development trends.



24 / 11




Biofouling workshop: Current industry development


The Competence Center GreenShipping Lower Saxony together with the Maritime Cluster Northern Germany invites you to the Biofouling Workshop on November 24, 2020: Current industry developments. Among other things, the study "Biofouling solution approaches against biofouling on ship hulls" will be presented.


Please register for the event now!


Further information will follow.


As far as the legal situation regarding the Corona Pandemic allows, we will hold the workshop as a face-to-face event in compliance with all hygienic measures. Otherwise the event will take place as a webinar.


The venue will be announced in due time.


If you're interested please contact Frau Eva von Soosten 



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