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EurA is an official ESA partner for technology transfer from space flight. This way, we support a Europe-wide initiative to promote wide-spread use of space flight technologies. This will specifically benefit small and medium-sized enterprises that often do not have the required research and development capacities. We give SMEs access to progressive space flight technologies and thereby secure their competitive benefits. The focuses are on satellite navigation and communication, earth observation, hard- and software, sensors and measuring technologies, robotics and automation, medicine technology, energy, mechanical components, optoelectronics and optics, as well as new materials. Contact us!

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The INNOspace network Space2Agriculture serves as a communication platform between space and agriculture. This strengthens cross-sector dialogue, identifies commercialisation potential for space services and technologies in agriculture, and ultimately opens up new applications and markets along the entire value chain. At the same time, the communication platform will also create new opportunities for space travel in the "upstream" sector, since it will generate high-quality knowledge in exchange with potential users in agriculture, which will flow directly into the technology planning of space travel companies in Germany and can thus also create new business areas and services.

Technology transfer between aerospace and the automotive industry

In order to make space know-how available for other industries, the Space Management of the German Aerospace Center (Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt e.V.) (DLR) launched the INNOspace® initiative in 2014. The INNOspace® network Space2Motion opens up a communication platform between the aerospace and automotive industries.  The main objectives of the network are the mediation and support of contacts between the space and automotive industries for the commercial exploitation of space technologies as well as the identification and definition of technology needs and problems of both sectors and the promotion of mutual technology transfer (spin-off, spin-in).

Contact: Johannes Schmidt

Tel.: +49 241 963-1210

Email: johannes.schmidt@eura-ag.de

Web: www.space2motion.de

System technologies for civilian unmanned flight systems

The UAS-INSYS network equally pursues technical and economic targets. The network initiates and managers innovative developments and the connected market introduction of new integrated and intelligent applications and services. The possible broad fields of use of UAS technology are typically new technologies that require explanations and for which targeted marketing measures and market entrance strategies must be developed. One focus in technology developments will be put on multi-sensor systems and mission management systems.

Contact: Johannes Schmidt

Tel.: +49 241 963-1210

Email: johannes.schmidt@eura-ag.de

Web: www.insys-uas.de

Technology transfer from space travel

The European Space Agency ESA is Europe's gateway to space and space has always been a technology driver. ESA coordinates and promotes European space developments - and ensures that investments in this area bring lasting benefits to all Europeans. In order to promote the widespread use of space technologies, a Europe-wide initiative for technology transfer from space is being implemented by science and industry on behalf of the ESA. EurA is part of this Europe-wide network

Contact: Johannes Schmidt

Tel.: +49 241 963-1210

E-mail: johannes.schmidt@eura-ag.de

Web: www.spacesolutions.esa.int



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