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It's all chemistry - and nothing is anything without chemistry. From automation to the energy revolution to additives in foods - chemistry is everywhere. We consider ourselves mediators between science and economy and promote interdisciplinary synergy effects.

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 Alternatives to animal testing

The network has the vision of developing new test approaches and optimising and validating existing methods

in order to drive the distribution, acceptance and admission of alternative and supplementary methods to animal testing in the different areas of application. The target of the network is shared development of innovative methods and products in the areas of toxicology, chemicals evaluation, medicines safety and diagnostics that can replace or reduce animal testing. These methods and products are not only to reduce the number of lab animals, but also permit faster, more cost-efficient and reliable identification of potentially toxic substances.

 Contact: Dr. Sabine Goetz

Tel.: +49 40 548870-438



Innovative approaches for existing cleaning methods

Very fine cleaning comprises removal of undesired substances or material structures that may, for example, change the roughness, wetting properties or chemical, electrical and visual properties of surfaces in undesired ways. In addition to cleaning methods, the cleaning process also comprises the detection of contamination required advance. The network is interdisciplinary, linking various areas of expertise from practice and research.

Contact: Boris Buckow

Tel: +49 40 5488704-34



Functional surfaces

The functionalisation of surfaces is an essential driving force for innovations across all industries. At the moment, particularly self-cleaning properties, layers with long service lives, defined tribological and mechanical properties, active surfaces and environmental-protection-compatible coating materials and methods are subject to great interest.

Contact: Dr. Günter Hohmann

Tel: +49 241963-1215



Innovative system solutions for private households, companies and hospitals

The network KlarWasser is to contribute to solving one of the most important social challenges: the provision of a sufficient amount of clean, micro-pollutant-free drinking water. It specifically deals with innovative system solutions for private households, companies and hospitals. The removal of very small amounts of reactive active substances from chemistry and pharmaceutics is to be made possible for medium- to long-term new investments in water treatment in Germany in the scope of this network. For this, the network partners have multiple concepts available that are to be optimised, evaluated and scaled up in individual applications as well as in modular combination solutions.

Contact: Marie Laubenberger

Tel.: +49 7961 9256-267



Development of a chemical energy storage

The cooperation Network "Regenerative methanol" is another step towards mastering the high targets Germany has set for the energy revolutions, while at the same time looking at the diverse opportunities of using methanol. One task focus of the network is developing various concepts in which methanol can prevail with the currently common storage concepts in light of economic efficiency. Another target of the network is rendering evidence that regenerative methanol is suitable as an environmentally compatible and economically efficient fuel for combustion engines (Power-to-Liquid).

Contact: Marius Stöckmann

Tel.: +49 3682 40062-20



Smart and linked lab of the future 

The target of the network is the development and standardisation of innovative lab technologies, applications and solutions based on these, which simplify the processes, improve quality with concurrent increase of efficiency and increase process safety. Focuses include modularisation and integration of functions and components for a flexible lab environment that can be adapted individually to the respective requirements and that adjusts itself accordingly. Digitalisation and networking of all institutions involved in the value-added chain of the lab that permit real-time provision of all the relevant information, control and monitoring of the processes, play a role as well. Not least, however, integration of robot systems in light of direct and optimised interaction between man and machine, and automation of the processes are at the focus.

Contact: Markus Sebeck

Tel.: +49 7961 9256-257





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