Switching to renewable energies leads to the development of new environmental technologies such as

biomass, solar technology and geothermal energy. This opens up new business fields for companies, since environmental compatibility and economic efficiency are opposites.

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Sustainable value chain for production from industrial fish and plant production


The vision of the network is the development of a network of companies and research institutions, which deal with a sustainable value chain for the production of closed or industrial fish and plant culture. The network will be able to establish itself as a market leader in the field of sustainable fish and plant production. In order to realise this vision, five main research areas will be addressed through strategic cooperation between companies and research institutions. These would be aquaculture, plant culture, water treatment, sustainable fish feed production and energy supply using a biogas plant. 

Contact: Katrina Lindemann

Tel.: +49 3682 400 6213

Email: katrina.lindemann@eura-ag.de

Web: www.aqua-ponik.net



InnoHemp - Innovative Technologies and Products along the Hemp Value Chain

Hemp (Cannabis Sativa L.) is one of the oldest cultivated plants in the world. Due to the long ban on cultivation in Germany, there is a lot of catching up to do in the field of research and development from cultivation to processing to the development of new products. The network's vision is to use new products, processes and technologies to close gaps in knowledge and identify untapped potential. Due to the attractive market potentials in many applications, the multitalent Hemp can play a central role as an economic factor in Germany and the network partners can help shape the newly emerging market by entering the market early and cooperating.

Contact: Thilo Riehl

Tel.: +49 7961 9256-233

Email: thilo.riehl@eura-ag.de

Web: www.innohemp.de  



 We combine electro mobility with renewable energies for concepts of autonomous driving

The mobility of the future is safe, clean, efficient - and offers enormous growth and prosperity opportunities for

our country. In order to develop autonomous driving together with the economy and science, and to prepare higher degrees of automation and networking, "digital test fields" are to be developed - subsidised by the Federal

Government. Together with automotive manufacturers and companies from the digital economy, the latest technologies for autonomous driving are to be tried out here. Implementation takes place based on electro mobility from renewable energies. This digital test field for autonomous driving that is to be newly developed supplements the digital test fields planned to date in urban regions and on the A9 motorway.

Contact: Ralph Hirschberg

Tel.: +49 40 5488704-20

Email: ralph.hirschberg@eura-ag.de

Web: www.autonomesfahren-sh.net



Clean Air

Within the framework of the network "Identification, analysis and reduction of fine dust - Clean Air", solutions to the problem of fine dust are to be developed. In order to develop marketable products and processes focusing on the identification, analysis and reduction of particulate matter, the network covers the entire value chain. This broad expert knowledge should also help to illuminate and better understand the particulate matter problem from several perspectives. Various technological aspects for solution approaches are also examined.

Contact: Lintl Florian

Tel.: +49 7961 9256 262

Email: florian.lintl@eura-ag.de

Web: www.feinstaub-netzwerk.de



 Cooperating for conversion of the energy supply 

The network Energy Innovation Europe, in short: EIE, bundles experts from the entire value-added chain "Energy" who are convinced that they can be more effective and efficient together in converting the energy supply in Europe and meeting the Kyoto targets. This means that the power supply primarily based on the fossil fuels coal, crude oil and natural gas is to be converted into an environmentally compatible, sustainable power supply (electricity and heat) from renewable energy sources. On the other hand, measures such as energy savings and energy-efficiency increases must be implemented for the existing infrastructure. EurA wants to create space with this network for synergies, exchange of ideas, development of innovative technologies, creativity in planning shared projects, and cooperation of European countries as well as trusting cooperation between people of all origins.

Contact: André Nadolny

Tel.: +49 7961 9256-266

Email: andre.nadolny@eura-ag.de

Web: www.energy-innovation-europe.eu



Development of innovative components and systems for efficient small wastewater treatment plants

The network promotes the creation of synergies between the treatment of wastewater/rainwater and the use of purified and treated water to improve the microclimate in cities and rural areas, as well as the overall environmental situation. The motivation of the network is to develop a wastewater disposal concept with a focus on economic efficiency, feasibility and sustainability. The guiding principle is, among other things, the development of proposals for regulatory framework conditions, the development of new markets and the internationalisation of the network.

Contact: Marcus Scholz

Tel.: +49 3682 400 62 39

Email: marcus.scholz@eura-ag.de

Web: www.abwasser-nutzen.de



IOT4Food - Industry 4.0 for the food processing industry

The food processing industry is in a continuous development phase due to the growing focus on digitisation, food scarcity and consumer demand for quality and sustainability. There are now a number of entrepreneurially interesting approaches to meeting these requirements and improving them through comprehensive digitization of production (Industry 4.0). EurA AG is therefore developing a ZIM innovation network together with the Dutch Association of Technology Industries (FME), which is funded by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy (BMWi).

Contact: Dr. Sarah Müncheberg

Tel.: +49 40 548 8704 37

Email: sarah.muencheberg@eura-ag.de



Sensors and measurement technology for fast and quantitative on-site analysis

In several application areas there is a very high demand for innovative, networked on-site analytics, in particular for water/environmental analysis, safety controls, quality control in food production and in the field of medicine. The aim is to develop new methods, technologies and solutions for faster, more reliable, more precise and, in particular, quantitative results that can also be used digitally. This is based in particular on the latest developments in material production, miniaturisation, digitisation and automation. Focal points: Concept & Design; Sensor Technologies - Materials; Sensor Technologies - Lab-on-a-Chip; Combined Sensor Technology; Interfaces/ Networking; Miniaturization.

Contact: Dr. Renate Förch

Tel.: +49 7961 9256-0

Mobile: +49 152 54309484

Email: renate.foerch@eura-ag.de

Web: www.locasenz.de



Coupling of sectors: electricity, heat, mobility and materials

The aim of the Power-to-X network is to increase the coupling of all relevant sectors. This is necessary above all because some sectors are located in economic sectors which by default have little or no cooperation with each other (e.g. refinery industrial parks, biogas plants, municipal utilities, energy suppliers, building material manufacturers, chemical laboratories, etc.). For example, there is a need for more in-depth networking, especially in sector coupling. In Power-to-X, digitalization offers the prerequisites for the necessary coupling processes and can automate and secure energy supply processes across the various sectors by consolidating data.

Contact: Bernhard Weigl

Tel.: +49 8561 918 1781

Email: bernhard.weigl@eura-ag.de

Web: www.powertox.net



Targeted optimisation of the raw material cycle

Sustainability, digitalisation and CO2 neutrality are among the most important new market requirements. Improvement of the value of secondary raw materials for new end products of the highest possible value protects resources and optimises recycling management. Recovery of high-quality secondary raw materials by more

efficient recycling and development of new end products and their production processes can make an important contribution to sustainable economic development. Additionally, comprehensive digitalisation of all processes offers a considerable efficiency potential, permitting not only material and energy savings in all areas from measurement to sorting, separation, preparation and recovery to utilisation and new applications, but also accelerating and standardising the respective processes.

Contact: Christoph Köpke

Tel.: +49 241 963-1213

Email: christoph.koepke@eura-ag.de

Web: www.recykon.net



Healthy, resource-protecting and CO2-neutral buildings and quarters

The SmartQ network sets important milestones for a new generation of residential and industrial quarters. Innovative developments are created in the areas of Cradle-to-Cradle-capable smart building materials and products. These new solutions are combined with innovations based on CO2-neutral power supply with sector coupling concepts of the power, heat, gas and mobility network.

Contact: Bernhard Weigl

Tel.: +49 8561 918-1781

Email: bernhard.weigl@eura-ag.de

Web: www.smartq-netzwerk.de



Bionically structured surfaces and optimised geometries

The target of the network project is development of technologies that integrate the advantages of bionics into technically usable products. The network is to contribute to firmly anchoring bionic thinking in large areas of the industry and the business processes - based on the product generation process. It is of advantage that there is a

general need for efficient surfaces and geometries in many different industries. Examples include forming procedures (metals, polymers), separating and joining procedures as well as transport processes.

Contact: Dr. Günter Hohmann

Tel.: +49 241 963-1216

Email: dr.hohmann@eura-ag.de

Web: www.bison-netzwerk.de



Innovative system solutions for private households, companies and Hospitals

The network KlarWasser is to contribute to solving one of the most important social challenges: the provision of a sufficient amount of clean, micro-pollutant-free drinking water. It specifically deals with innovative system solutions for private households, companies and hospitals. The removal of very small amounts of reactive active substances from chemistry and pharmaceutics is to be made possible for medium-to long-term new investments in water treatment in Germany in the scope of this network. For this, the network partners have multiple concepts available that are to be optimised, evaluated and scaled up in individual applications as well as in modular combination solutions.

Contact: Marie Laubenberger

Tel.: +49 7961 9256-267

Email: marie.laubenberger@eura-ag.de

Web: www.klarwasser-netzwerk.com



Energy-efficient buildings and quarter Networking

Manufacturers, planners, executing companies, operators and scientific facilities are to cooperate in the scope of the network "Vernetzte (Klein-) KWK-Systeme" for linked (small) CHP systems in order to successfully integrate CHP technology in the re-design of power supply in Germany. The network supports and promotes the partners involved in establishing and implementing market-oriented research and development and to minimise the economic and technical risk of implementation of complex innovation processes, growing in their markets in the long term and permanently improving its competitiveness by targeted technology transfer and development. The target of the network is developing innovative solutions for better market integration of CHP systems.

Contact: Marcel Hartung

Tel.: +49 3682 40062-22

Email: marcel.hartung@eura-ag.de

Web: www.vernetzte-kwk-systeme.de



Technologis for efficient cultivation and use of algae

New technology-oriented value-added chains or networks must be established to implement a knowledge- based bio-economy using less and less fossil fuels, in order to develop the bio resource of algae for the medium-sized economy. The target is development of a network made up preferably of medium-sized enterprises and research facilities to develop new technologies, products, methods and services for future cultivation and use of algae. The focus is on optimisation of process control, measuring and regulation technology, innovative peripheral systems (drying, Drainage, preparation), connection to aqua cultures and development of innovative products from algae (cosmetics, food supplements and feedstuffs).

Contact: Rosmarie Reuß

Tel.: +49 7961 9256-250

Email: rosmarie.reuss@eura-ag.de



Efficient use of biomass

The target of the network project is the development of technologies for efficient use of biomass. The target is production of interim products for material use. At the end of the usage chain, the residues will be converted into solid, liquid orgaseous energy carriers and stored if necessary. The processes are to be measured, controlled, simulated and made safer, while optimally using exhaust heat. The network focuses on the use of biomass for power production by anaerobic fermentation producing methane and hydrogen gas, as well as material use of the biomass residues in order to produce, e.g., basic chemicals, materials and special chemicals. The network is to become known beyond Europe as a provider and supplier of innovative and efficient solutions for optimal use of biomass. .

Contact: Thilo Riehl

Tel.: +49 7961 9256-233

Email: thilo.riehl@eura-ag.de

Web: www.biomastec.de



Innovative R&D Networks with Partners in the Danube region

biomastecDanube expands the Network biomastec. biomastecDanube is a network promoted by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung (BMBF)) with the purpose of linking German companies, universities and Research facilities with excellent researchers and entrepreneurs - in particular SME - of the Danube states, in order to develop and implement shared cooperation strategies and projects.

Contact: Thilo Riehl

Tel.: +49 7961 9256-233

Email: thilo.riehl@eura-ag.de

Web: www.biomastec-danube.de



BioEconomy network for Research and innovative

The network's leading vision is driving the bio-economic transformation of the industry and society by development of bio-based solution approaches in light of current and future challenges and thus laying the basis for future economic growth. The network focuses on the material use of biomass (agricultural crops, harvest residues

and other waste bio resources) to produce and acquire raw materials for applications in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food industry and for various areas of the chemical industry.

Contact: Rosmarie Reuß

Tel.: +49 7961 9256-250

Email: rosmarie.reuss@eura-ag.de

Web: www.biooekonomie-netzwerk.de



Light-weight parts for electro mobility

Electro mobility hails a new technical era in the traffic area. This radical change will specifically affect the automotive supplier industry. Various purchased parts will be completely obsolete or changed severely. The e-mobility network for light-weight parts for electro mobility is to give the medium-sized supplier industry a platform that permits early and solid preparation for the pending changes. The network is formed by medium-sized suppliers who have many years of experience in the production of components, assemblies and systems in automotive production.

Contact: Tobias Kübler

Tel.: +49 7961 9256-223

Email: tobias.kuebler@eura-ag.de

Web: www.emobilight.de



Innovations and technologies for monitoring, maintenance, repair and safe operation of wind turbine generators

The task of the competence network is developing technologies and services for the requirements resulting from

operation of wind turbine generators, and to implement the prototypes together in order to achieve cost reduction potentials in operation of on- and offshore wind turbines. Our network comprises of usually medium-sized enterprises and research facilities from the broad environment of the wind power industry, as well as newcomers from other high-tech industries. Beyond this, network partners deal with the operation and maintenance of wind turbines, as well as global sea-harbour-oriented logistics services. The subject of wind power in connection with smart power grids and storage technologies is considered in this network as well; there is an interface with the SmartGrids network.

Contact: Johannes Schmidt

Tel.: +49 241 963-1210

Email: johannes.schmidt@eura-ag.de

Web: www.intewind.de



Enabling the municipal energy revolution

The development of this municipal or regionally aligned solution for the storage issues brings us closer to the

vision of the network: creation of an exemplary solution for storage and use of renewable energy on a local level that is stable in the long term. The KME network is generally a multiple development cluster, since more than 80% of the partners are active in multiple development projects. This means that innovations take place simultaneously in multiple technology and implementation areas.

Contact: Bernhard Weigl

Tel.: +49 8561 910-308

Email: bernhard.weigl@eura-ag.de

Web: www.kme-netzwerk.de



Modular hydrogen power plant and energy storage

The target of this network is the development of a modular hydrogen power plant that can participate in the primary and secondary control circuits of the grids when several modules are combined (the blocks interact as a virtual power plant) and that may provide a nominal load at the same time. The hydrogen power plant is to use energy carriers for independence of the site and fossil fuels. This technology is developed further in the scope of the network, tested and optimised in a pilot plant. Further development in the areas of control/regulation, power production, electrolysis and storage will Permit economic use of the technology.

Contact: Dirk Schmidt

Tel.: +49 3682 40062-15

Email: dirk.schmidt@eura-ag.de

Web: www.lohc-kraftwerk.de



Development of a chemical energy storage

The cooperation network "Regenerative methanol" is another step towards mastering the high targets Germany has set for the energy revolutions, while at the same time looking at the diverse opportunities of using methanol. One task focus of the network is developing various concepts in which methanol can prevail with the currently common storage concepts in light of economic efficiency. Another target of the network is rendering evidence that regenerative methanol is suitable as an environmentally compatible and economically efficient fuel for combustion engines (Power-to-Liquid).

Contact: Marius Stöckmann

Tel.: +49 3682 40062-20

Email: marius.stoeckmann@eura-ag.de

Web: www.regeneratives-methanol.de



Smart Grids - Intelligent power grids

Smart Grids link power producers more strongly with power consumers, and are deemed a solution for the sudden

increase of energy fed in to the power grid from renewable energy sources. They are to make power supply more efficient through the interaction of generation, storage, grid management and consumption in an overall system. The network has the task of developing technologies and services for the current dramatic changes to the power supply, to implement and market the prototypes together in order to develop synergy effects for the network partners.

Contact: Johannes Schmidt

Tel.: +49 241 963-1210

Email: johannes.schmidt@eura-ag.de

Web: www.smartgrids-net.de



Innovative special glass production for the photovoltaic industry

Its goals include development of a technology platform, compilation of an innovation concept and initiation of suitable measures for development, production and marketing of innovative technologies and procedures for efficient production of cost-efficient special glasses for the photovoltaic industry, e.g. manufacturing and refining procedures. Based on detailed analyses of strengths/weaknesses of the partners, R&D potentials, as well as

technologies, market competitors and demand, various technology focuses promising success are to be developed. The state subsidy for the cooperation network ended in 2012.

Contact: Dirk Schmidt

Tel.: +49 3682 40062-15

Email: dirk.schmidt@eura-ag.de



Development of an overall system with interfaces open towards other energy-generating and consuming Systems

The core subject of the cooperation network for thermal power is combining the individual systems of geothermal energy and solar thermal energy close to the surface into an efficient overall system with the target of reducing the CO2 emissions that would harm climate by innovations, developing cost-efficient solutions for using regenerative energies, developing technology leadership of the European geo and solar industries and securing future-proof jobs. In order to increase acceptance and competitiveness of these regenerative energies, simplified and safe concept, planning, commissioning and operation, as well as transparent cost calculation are at the focus. In addition to 6 universities and research facilities, 15 - mostly small and medium-sized - enterprises in Germany, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Switzerland and East Africa are involved in "Thermie".

Contact: Dirk Schmidt

Tel.: +49 3682 40062-15

Email: dirk.schmidt@eura-ag.de

Web: www.thermienet.eu





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