Innovations of the future are digitally and IT-based. Our projects and networks consider the connection into energy-efficient solutions – both for the industry and private households. 

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ROBONOM - Autonomous Service Robotics

In addition to the enormous interest on the part of research, the topic of mobile manipulators is also beginning to gain momentum in industry. There is still a considerable need for action with regard to their safety, the equipment of robots with cognitive capabilities, in the area of software, open standards and with regard to networking different systems. The aim of the network is to develop new products and processes for professional, wheel-driven service robots in the context of digital change. Target markets that are addressed: Manufacturing & Logistics, Inspection & Maintenance, Craft & Construction and Agriculture.

Contact: Patrick Hiesinger

Tel.: +49 7961 9256-216

Email: patrick.hiesinger@eura-ag.de

Web: www.robonom.de



Clean Air

Within the framework of the network "Identification, analysis and reduction of fine dust - Clean Air", solutions to the problem of fine dust are to be developed. In order to develop marketable products and processes focusing on the identification, analysis and reduction of particulate matter, the network covers the entire value chain. This broad expert knowledge should also help to illuminate and better understand the particulate matter problem from several perspectives. Various technological aspects for solution approaches are also examined.

Contact: Florian Lintl

Tel.: +49 7961 9256 262

Email: florian.lintl@eura-ag.de

Web: www.feinstaub-netzwerk.de




"Today you don't repair things when they do, but before they break" - the vision of the network is the development of new auditory, intelligent (AI based) predictive maintanance algorithms and systems. The applications of AI based auditory analysis are manifold. They range from Predictive Maintanance in the Industry 4.0 environment, Predictive Maintanance in office environments, Predictive Maintanace and damage detection for older vehicles, Usage monitoring and damage documentation for complex tools, Auditive alarm systems, Auditive energy management and Apps for Google Home or Alexa.

Contact: Wolfgang Scherer

Tel.: +49 7961 9256-217

Email: wolfgang.scherer@eura-ag.de

Web: www.predikt-netzwerk.de



Energy-efficient buildings and quarter Networking

Manufacturers, planners, executing companies, operators and scientific facilities are to cooperate in the scope of the network "Vernetzte (Klein-) KWK-Systeme" for linked (small) CHP systems in order to successfully integrate CHP technology in the re-design of power supply in Germany. The network supports and promotes the partners involved in establishing and implementing market-oriented research and development and to minimise the economic and technical risk of implementation of complex innovation processes, growing in their markets in the long term and permanently improving its competitiveness by targeted technology transfer and development. The target of the network is developing innovative solutions for better market integration of CHP systems.

Contact: Marcel Hartung

Tel.: +49 3682 40062-22

Email: marcel.hartung@eura-ag.de

Web: www.vernetzte-kwk-systeme.de



Cost-efficient marketing of broadband wiring 

The target of broadnet+ is the development of an integrated realisation model that is not only more cost-efficient, faster and more environmentally compatible as compared to today's versions, but also a turn-key result independent of topology. A shared concept, development and later marketing is to expand the potential of every

single network member and optimally use synergies. This vision of a turn-key realisation model will prevent focus on a single development area in the scope of broadnet+. Instead, innovations in several areas must be made

interdisciplinary, making the project an ambitious and highly innovative project. 

Contact: Michael Oesterreicher

Tel.: +49 7961 9256-238

Email: michael.oesterreicher@eura-ag.de



Energy Efficiency for IT

The network Green IT is to be established in the IT world as the powerful competence network for energy efficiency and energy savings in data centres and IT departments, in order to implement at least ten to 50 percent cost savings from increase of energy efficiency, e.g. by development of software and services for controlling and

preparing applications and data in data centres, development of new Hardware for converting heat from servers and development of systems for economic re-use in buildings. The state subsidy for the cooperation network ended in 2012. 

Contact: Wolfgang Scherer

Tel.: +49 7961 9256-217

Email: wolfgang.scherer@eura-ag.de



Visualisation systems for information and data sensors

The target of the network is the development of a competence and technology platform for development, combination and marketing of innovative sensors and sensor products, sensor data, recording, analysis and evaluation concepts. Visualisation systems for information and data sensors hold a key position in the industry, since they deliver the necessary data and information in all areas of production. The synergy effects achieved by sensor combination permit improved data recording, evaluation and, as a result, improved product and process controls. In addition to cost savings, further additional benefits are expected from miniaturisation, use of innovative materials, maintenance and energy optimisation, as well as mobile applications. Sensors for the areas of water, industrial automation/plastics/biogas/biomass/fermentation are developed specifically. The state subsidy for the cooperation network ended in 2012. 

Contact: Tobias Kübler

Tel.: +49 7961 9256-223

Email: tobias.kuebler@eura-ag.de



Development of bio-based solutions for application in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and food industries

The guiding vision of the network is to advance the bio-economic transformation of industry and society by developing bio-based approaches to current and future challenges, thus laying the foundation for future economic growth. The network focuses on the material use of biomass (crops, crop residues and other waste bioresources) for the production and extraction of starting materials for applications in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and food industries and for various sectors of the chemical industry.

Contact: Dr. Robert Reim

Tel.: +49 30 8872 9529

Email: robert.reim@eura-ag.de

Web: www.vitalmonitoring-netzwerk.de



Development of innovative products and services with VR/AR technologies in the health care sector

With the ZIM innovation network XRMED, EurA AG will develop innovative products and new services together with partners from industry and science and support their market introduction. The innovation network deals with VR/AR technologies and applications in the health care sector. VR/AR are technologies that enable real-time information to be displayed in the user's field of vision via a mobile device. In VR the user is completely immersed in a virtual environment. In AR, the digital information is faded into the real image. Mixed Reality comprises the complete perception in a mixture of virtuality and reality.

Contact: Dr. Harald Eifert

Tel.: +49 40 548 8704-22

Email: harald.eifert@eura-ag.de

Web: www.xrmed.de





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