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SME-Instrument / EIC Accelerator

Silexica GmbH

Volume of funding: 2 Mio. Euro | Phase 2


 EurA has given us very good and comprehensive support in our application for the SME-instrument from the very beginning...

.. without the outstanding expertise and performance of EurA we would not have made it to Brussels. The cooperation with EurA was excellent and we would use it again in the future. The support was competent and we felt well looked after. EurA has taken a lot of the work off our hands, which is much more than we expected in an EU project. A clear recommendation for all those who would like to apply for SME funding!

Johannes Emigholz, Co-Founder Silexica

The first programming tool with full system simulation function

There is a significant problem in the development of intelligent technologies such as autonomous vehicles or drones, because hardware development is far ahead of software development. Although the necessary powerful hardware - especially multi-core processors - is already available, there is a great deal of catching up to do when it comes to programming the software that is to run on hardware platforms with increasingly complex and heterogeneous components. Since there is no tool that can simulate the entire functionality of such platforms, ...

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Creapaper GmbH

Volume of funding: 1,9 Mio. Euro | Phase 2


"The EurA team has guided us through the application process with confidence...

.. With high professional competence, quick understanding of our technology and a lot of commitment we could successfully master the complex application process! We would engage EurA again at any time for similar projects!

Michael Kroheck, CSO Creapaper

Mechanical process for making paper from grass

Creapaper is revolutionizing the paper and packaging industry with grass paper. The award-winning SME from Hennef has developed a new, purely mechanical process for obtaining a pulp for paper production from grass. Compared to paper production from wood, the life cycle assessment is much better than paper production from wood. During production,...

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Volume of funding: 2,2 Mio. Euro | Phase 2


With EurA we have a real professional and reliable partner at our side. The employees are motivated and work on the project with enthusiasm".

Daniel Hannemann, CEO TESVOLT

HiVOLT - A new type of battery system based on high voltage technology

The share of renewable energies such as wind and solar energy that are fed into the electricity grids is constantly increasing worldwide. However, these types of energy are very volatile, because depending on the time of day and weather, they supply different amounts of energy. On the one hand, this leads to an overload of the power grids and on the other hand, the electricity is not available as desired. Therefore, a highly flexible system is needed to compensate for these fluctuations and to ensure a safe ...

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German Projects

DELCOTEX Delius Techtex GmbH & Co. KG


„EurA AG has 100% fulfilled its promised services. The good and target-oriented cooperation always ran without complications. EurA AG has supported us and helped us in our projects.“

Thomas Stark, Managing Director DELCOTEX Delius Techtex GmbH & Co. KG


Magnesium die casting with commercial reinforcement



,,Very competent guidance in the correct selection of funding agencies, in the support of the application and formulation of outlines as well as applications for funded projects. The fast and professional cooperation with EurA AG should be emphasised. This enabled us to maintain our lead in simulation technologies over our competitors."

 Stefan Merkle, Managing Director MERKLE & PARTNER GbR


  • Development of a novel system for the production of efficient lightweight structures (Molli)
  • Development of a method for realistic, fast and economic calculation and design of plastic and elastomer components (SmartSim)
  • Development of a method for the numerical optimization of heating and cooling of electric cars
  • Development of new processes for better design of 3D printers for the production of integrated plastic components (3DCreation)

Harter GmbH

"EurA AG's advice was always reliable and professional. Both on a technical and human level, the advice was consistently very good. Thanks to the support of EurA AG a successful research project could be implemented, which gave Harter GmbH a big market advantage. The friendly staff was always on hand to help with questions and problems. Also wishes and suggestions were always taken seriously and immediately taken up or implemented".

Reinhold Specht, Managing Director


Development of a Maca production and post-harvest process based on a condensation drying process with heat pump technology for enriching health-promoting ingredients

Technology Networks

Modular ultrashort pulse laser technology

Network supported by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy

"The technology network supports ultrashort pulse lasers wherever it can: marketing for the technology, cooperations, R&D projects and future important topics such as training. This benefits not only us as a medium-sized company, but the entire industry."

Florian Lendner, Managing Director GFH GmbH

Ultra-short laser pulses with durations of a few femtoseconds (1 fs = 10-15s) to a few picoseconds (1 ps = 10-12s) allow completely new processing methods that are not possible with conventional tools. In the medical field, they open up completely new therapeutic possibilities, for example through high-precision and low-damage cuts in the eye...

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