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Creativity enables innovation. Looking over the rim of your teacup opens up a view of new things and makes it possible to develop innovative solution approaches.


We bring technology experience to you. Profit from our excellent networking with research facilities and companies from diverse technology industries, and use the opportunity of innovations that secure sustainable success for your company. We support you as a strategic partner in your research and development work.




Our references in technology transfer

EurA is the official partner of the European Space Agency ESA



ESA is Europe's gate into space and has always been a technology driver. ESA coordinates and supports the developments of European spaceflight - ensuring that the investments made in this permanently benefit all Europeans. In order to support the widespread use of aerospace technology, a Europe-wide initiative for the technology transfer from aerospace is performed in science and industry on the order of ESA. Companies profit from an actively operated technology transfer that permits product and process innovations in a large variety of sectors of the German industry. The technical achievements of aerospace will release an enormous innovation potential for the benefit of industry and consumers in future as well.


Technology transfer between aerospace and the automotive industry

In order to make space know-how available for other industries, the Space Management of the German Aerospace Center (Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt e.V.) (DLR) launched the INNOspace® initiative in 2014. The INNOspace® network Space2Motion opens up a communication platform between the aerospace and automotive industries.  The main objectives of the network are the mediation and support of contacts between the space and automotive industries for the commercial exploitation of space technologies as well as the identification and definition of technology needs and problems of both sectors and the promotion of mutual technology transfer (spin-off, spin-in).


Technology transfer from universities to companies

With our contractually agreed cooperations with 20 Fraunhofer institutes and more than 50 universities and technical colleges, we bring technical innovation from the lab to the companies. Technology transfer is diverse: Our contracts with institutes from many industries, such as the food industry (DIL, ZLV, ILU, Fraunhofer IVV), permit exchange and use of scientific insights.


Your advantages from our free relaying:

You expand your know-how.


The initiative supports use of the know-how, scientific and development results of companies, institutes and research facilities that these acquired in the scope of various projects.



You secure competitive advantages.

Small and medium-sized enterprises that often lack the required R&D capacities receive competitive advantages from access to advanced technologies.




All industries are considered.

Companies from different industries are shown the potentials of various knowledge areas for their subjects.


You expand your network.

The technology providers are available to the technology seekers as cooperation or development partners.



You save costs and time.

For the technology companies, utilisation of the existing know-how from different industries leads to new products more quickly and cost-efficiently than completely new developments would. You identify cost savings potentials.


You are successful together.

The effectiveness and efficiency is documented by more than 250 successfully initiated spin-offs to date. The partners involved in the transfer have acquired considerable turnover potentials to date.




You'd like to use the advantages of the technology transfer?


Do you have a technical demand or technical problem?

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