News · 20-10-2020
This year, for the sixth time, the Growth Champions 2021 were awarded by FOCUS-BUSINESS magazine and the market research institute Statista. One of them is EurA AG, which is among the 500 fastest-growing companies in Germany.

News · 28-05-2020
On May 19, the internal project completion meeting for the AirConnect-NF feasibility study took place. The feasibility study highlighted the topics of UAS aviation and the perspective use of flight taxis in North Frisia.

News · 19-05-2020
Innovations are essential for entrepreneurial success and high-quality innovation consulting can help companies to remain (or become) successful. The quality of innovation consulting is enormously important for companies: opportunities should be seized, time and money should be used purposefully.

News · 09-04-2020
The consequences of the corona pandemic are threatening for many companies and there is uncertainty about what will happen in the months to come. However, companies should focus on innovation and funding projects to get back on track after this crisis.

News · 25-03-2020
EurA AG is the largest network management institution in Germany. We serve over 3,000 companies, most of them are small and medium-sized enterprises. We want to make this network available to you! If you have an idea which can help to solve the current problems or if you have important know-how which you would like to contribute to the solution, please contact us.

News · 05-02-2020
The Competence Centre GreenShipping Lower Saxony together with the Maritime Cluster Northern Germany (MCN) has commissioned EurA AG to prepare a market overview. The market survey is to include all players who offer solutions against biofouling on ship hulls or who are doing research in this field. If your company or institution is active in this field, please contact us.

News · 03-12-2019
Entrepreneurs often underestimate the amount of capital needed and end up raising too little money. They also underestimate the time needed to raise and close the funding. This is where InvestHorizon comes in, an Accelerator focusing on supporting deep tech entrepreneurs and their current (seed) investors to raise ambitious Series A investment.

News · 24-10-2019
The Karlsruhe start-up LightnTec receives a seven-point grant from the EU funding programme "Horizon 2020". With these funds, the company's revolutionary technology for digital light on film will be further developed over a period of two years starting in November 2019.

News · 24-10-2019
Call the bus with an app on your smartphone - and it comes without a driver sitting at the wheel. After getting off at the desired stop, the electrically powered vehicle automatically searches for a parking location, charges at the next charging station or makes its way to the next passenger. In the future, this vision could complement local public transport in rural areas.

News · 14-10-2019
The technology network "Modular Ultrafast Laser Technology" of EurA AG has recently been listed as a success story by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy (BMWi). Due to its great success, the network is currently in its second year after funding and has been able to acquire additional funding for development projects.

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